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New Year Giveaway


I’ve reached the maximum number of new topics? So some of you will only get keys tomorrow :confused:


I got 24 Hours 'til Rescue
Thanks to @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies for the giveaway :grin:
Now to put aside all my other games I’m working on in order to play this one :sweat_smile:


I got Degrees and Blockstorm, thank you, @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies.


Guess I can’t call shenanigans now since I got Wuppo, thanks @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies :blush:


Good job, @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies!:+1:t2:


I got 12 is better than 6!
Thanks @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies


This but an inside joke, read your username and perhaps you’ll get it


For the record, @AcornAvenger deserves absolutely all of the credit. The behind the scenes logistics were done by her alone. Not to mention, if it wasn’t for AA (/cough, cough) I would still be “sitting” on 64 game keys. Thank you ever so much… but @AcornAvenger is the real champ here.

I however, want to take a hot second to thank this wonderful woman myself, mercy bucket ma share (<—That is Americanized French). Anyways, So long and thanks for all the fish… :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


I got Temple Escape! Thanks to @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies :clap::clap::+1::+1:


I got SharpShooter3D! Great giveaway!


pew-pew pew-pew


Annnnd once again I have run out of new topics for the day.
How do i fix this? T_T

If you haven’t won anything yet, don’t despair - I’m just still getting around to you all :blush:

This is waaaay too much praise :3 You babysat all our kids here while I was running around elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue: So you deserve plenty praise :slight_smile:

So everyone… spam him!!! xD

Did you just assume my country??
Haha xD eish, the only barbie we have here is a children’s toy. In South Africa, we braai, China :wink:
Hope you had fun listening to that lingo xD let me know if you need a translation.

Props to you, sir :joy:

Hahaha xD I do like cheese. Can I assume you do because of your display pic or would that be rude? :thinking::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no! You found out T_T

On a side note, thank you guys for making this thread so enjoyable and a pleasure :smiley:


You can run out of topics? No wonder badges take a while, lol


And apparently a new message to someone is a new topic :sob:
But, @Danacscott… soon :no_mouth:


Can’t fix, but can help, just PM’d you


My hero :smiley:


Thanks :wink:


Okay! All handed out :smiley: Each one of you should have one something :blush:
I really wanted no one to walk away empty handed… I hope everyone is happy with their games! :smiley:


@AcornAvenger @GeekInUndies

Thank you both for the impressive and ambitious giveaway. I hope the both of you (and every other Chronie)
have an awesome new year full of happiness, luck, legendary streaks and memes.


Thanks for the game man