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New Year Giveaway


You’re welcome, and your’e too kind… thank you.:blush:


Huzzah, Good Robot for me! Much praise to all who avenge acorns, and glory to the undies of geeks!


I… no please, cheese away… that’s the best I coul’d come back with, that should tell you how bad I am at this, but thanks again anyway :cheese: .


Too bad I missed out on this one, there’s some interesting games in this line-up. Hope everyone who got some is happy and enjoying their gifts! :slight_smile:


I"m happy everyone won something! Just got done doing some more de-cluttering. I’m a squirrel in real life, Hee hee. Want to try to play my gift soon. :slight_smile:


How could you miss this? it was all over the place for a long frigging time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


cuz his mind is still stuck in that convention center in LA on that sunny day, grabbing that ***


While I got the main page pinned to check the daily deals and spin the coin, I admittedly don’t check the community page as often (even though it’s pinned right next to it). Gotta do that more. :thinking:


Change your habits! I check the forum multiple times a day although there‘s maybe an hour or two a day where people actually post, but spin the coin every two or three days, because priorities!


New year’s resolution. ^-^


Stay tuned for the next AcornInUndies® giveaway, coming soon™…

Totally felt like some kind of (pedo-) pervert scouring the interwebz for cute, tasteful images of underwear with an acorn print! I need to rethink my life…


I hope you‘ve been browsing in incognito mo…


That gif always makes me laugh, it’s a shame that bit is so short :laughing:


But it loops!