New Year Giveaway

Hello there everyone! :sunflower:

I know many of you have some new year resolutions to stop buying so many games, and play the ones you already own.

I am here to ruin that resolution before it starts xDD Because the only real resolution you should have is at least 1024 × 768 :laughing:

But seriously here to just welcome the new year in the best way possible.


  1. You must be a member for at least a week
  2. You can choose up to 10 games for entry
  3. You need to add a comment with what games you want, in order of most wanted - least wanted (numbering optional, but would be appreciated) as well as add a resolution, or a hope for next year :blush:
  4. This giveaway will end on Sunday, 06 January 2019 at the time the new deal updates, and winners will have 24 hours to accept the key, or it will be forfeited.


Satellite Reign:

Lethal League:

Kingdom Classic:

Temple Escape:

Pixel Traffic Risky Bridge:

Violet Space Mission:

24 Hours til Rescue:

Playing History Vikings:

Puzzle Station 15th Anniversary Retro Release:

Mighty Partly Battle and toads pack:

Overcast Walden and the Werewolf:

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator:

Head Shot:

Galactic Civilizations 2 Ultimate Edition:

AI War Fleet Command:


The Dark Stone from Mebara: x2:

Between Me and the Night:

Underwater Hunting:

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion:

Soul Shards BETA:

Codex of Victory:


Shoppe Keep:

March of the Living:

Circuit Breakers:

Nether Resurrected:

Good Robot:

Grand Ages Rome:

Deadbits: x2:

Uriels Chasm 2:

Mind Spheres:

Memories of a Vagabond: x2:

Sharp Shooter 3D:

Please note some keys may not work. If this happens, I will offer a replacement game :blush:

I am sorry they aren’t extremely good titles out there… But at least it’s something :rainbow:

Happy New Year! :tada:

The kind @GeekInUndies has donated a lot of keys! So here’s more games to enter for, same rules apply (be sure to thank him!):

12 is better than 6:

150,000 BC


80s Style:

Bad End:

Big Buck Hunter Arcade:


Button Tales:

Candy Snake Master:


Dead Pixels:


Epic Car Factory:

The Esoterica Hollow Earth:

Frozen Synapse Prime:

Glass Masquerade:


Sweat-pea, if you want to add 64 games to your giveaway (please, pretty please with :cherries: on top) DM me. I can share the details with ya right away, if you’re interested! :gift::tada::gift:

Literally have the list ready to go right at this moment, and we already share a few of the same games, so less work than expected :wink::smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Might just be me but about 20% of the steam infos in your post just come up as error. Thanks for doing a giveaway though.


My dude that is very generous, but 64 at once, that sounds like a nightmare to deal with, so many choices and so much work to handle on your side. I am not trying to tell you how to run things as it is not my place, but as a suggestion why not break it up in to say 3 giveaways of 20 or so. Much easier for you to organise and much easier for people to look through. Again only a suggestion, do it how you wish, but I thought I would just chime in given the experiences I have had with giveaways.


I added the titles as well to whoever’s wasn’t loading :blush: it showed all the links as fine on my side

Thanks for your contribution! He still has a lot to giveaway, so watch out in future, guys :wink:


Thanks for doing this,
I would like to enter for,
1.Shoppe Keep
5.Between Me and The Night
Happy New Year to Everyone Previosly


Thank you for this giveaway ^^
I’d like to take part of this for:
-Between me and the night
-The Esoterica
-Big buck hunter
-12 is better than 6
-Grand Ages: Rome
-March of the living

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^


Thank you very much for doing this! As you said, I have quite a backlog yet I only play 2 or 3 games aha.

  1. Between Me And The Night
  2. March Of The Living
  3. Good Robots

I’ve chose these games because they might seem out to be gems and they look good!

Thanks again and have a happy new year!


Thank you for the generous giveaway, the games I would want are:

1 Hacknet
2 Shoppe Keep
3 Heart&Slash
4 Kingdom: Classic
5 Satellite Reign
6 12 is Better Than 6
7 SharpShooter3D
8 Good Robot
9 The Dark Stone from Mebara
10 Between Me and The Night

My new years resolution would have to be to FINALLY learn to build my own PC… hopefully.


My new years resolution would be to learn how to choose between ssd and hdd types

and i would like to enter for:
1.Shoppe Keep
2.Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
3.Kingdom: Classic


Hello thanks for the giveawayy, I would like to enter for:

  1. Lethal League
  2. Heart&Slash
  3. Good Robot
  4. Codex of Victory
  5. March of the Living
    6.Shoppe Keep
  6. BAD END
  7. Deadlight
  8. Dead Pixels
  9. Grand Ages: Rome

New Year’s Resolution is to be disciplined and stoic as much as possible.


Thank you very much for doing this!
I would like to enter only for…

  • Lethal League :sweat_smile:
    and my new years resolution would be to find time to play more games :grin:
    Thx a lot for doing this!!

The giveaways are out of control recently! Thanks for doing this!


hey, how you doing today?
2-Grand Ages: Rome
3-Circuit Breakers
4-March of the Living
5-Codex of Victory
6-Between Me and The Night
7-Playing History: Vikings


I just wanna try it for this ones
Between Me and The Night

Happy new year everybody!


I would like to enter for

  1. Totally Accurate Battle simulator
  2. KingdomCome Classic
  3. Epic Car Factory
    Thank You @AcornAvenger and @GeekInUndies for this giveaway.
    And my resolution is to buy more games, cause I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought a game with my own money :exploding_head:

Only Dead Pixels


Thanks for doing this its really nice of you

1 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
2 Big Buck Hunter Arcade
3 Shoppe Keep
4 Head Shot
5 2084

My new years resolution is to win this giveaway xD


Hi there, thank you guys really much for this giveaway! Thanks to you maybe I can get a present for myself, cuz I’ve got none xD

I would like to enter for:
-Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf
-24 hours til’ rescue
-Bad end
-Nether: Resurrected

My new year resolution will definitely be to read more books, in this year I couldn’t find time for it.
Again, thank you!


Hi! thanks for the giveaway!
Happy new year to everyone!
My new year resolution is learning to play the guitar

  1. Heart&Slash

  2. Deadlight

  3. Frozen Synapse Prime

  4. Codex of Victory

  5. Circuit Breaker

  6. March of the Living

  7. Good Robot

  8. Dead Pixels

  9. 2084

  10. Temple Escape