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New Year Giveaway


I like this nickname (as long as it is not referred to… cough a certain area

I don’t like this nickname :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please never call me mom everyone. I’m not even 23 yet T_T

But I did enjoy the references xDD

Gasp! Cheating on me already? And in the same comment, nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

Wait, what? xD

@Scribesake these nut/tree puns are gold :star_struck:


I uhh, actually wear the shorts in this relationship xD It’s summer here, and very hot xDD

On a more serious note…
Sorry for the delay! I have been working :sob: so yes, I bring in all the money and @GeekInUndies cheats on me with dating sims and hides my acorns :sob:
Haha :wink:
I have considered your plea, @Scribesake and will allow you entry.
If anyone else wants to/has entered, and their account is not a week old, I suggest a plea (with some convincing tree/nut puns) will just maybe allow you entry :wink:

The mothership has spoken.


Just to add:
See why I wouldn’t make a good mother?? Waaay too lienient xDD


I see, I see… such a terrible husband. Hiding your nuts :peanuts: including his from you… Absolutely terrible.
(Also I did not expect you to be wearing the shorts. How’s the Barbie in the Aussie’s? :sunglasses:)

And I for one thank you for that, and if I may apologize if this comes back and bites you on the butt… But still, thank you. :grin:


I’m older than that but here is a pun… that I just… I just happen to find…


So sorry, don’t kill me please


I am going to try to get better (Or more) sleep. TY one and all.

  1. 2084
  2. codex of victory
  3. soul shards
  4. puzzle station
  5. circuit breakers
  6. March of Living


Dearest darling @AcornAvenger you think I would objectify you? Perish the thought, I would never marginalize you in such a way. I have way too much respect for you. You know that I am totally in lesbians with you.

We both know that I have a Dream Daddy, but do I ever give you hell when you are off chasing tail. If I recall correctly, YOU were the one who brought up having a polyamorous relationship first.

ʕ ·(エ)· ʔ RAWR

A² love, I understand you think I don’t care and that I take you for granted, no matter how much you give or do, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. That could not be further from the truth. Our careers alone, limit the amount of time we have to spend together and then you add kids on top of it. Raising a family as large as ours can be rough, what with the appointments, church, play dates, school plus the extracurriculars, not to mention all the special care that our lil’ champ @Scribesake needs. Lets just say he makes Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking, intellectually. The point is that there are memories that time does not erase, I will always remember the first time we met. Summer loving had me a blast

Why so serious…
Ça ne fait rien. I got you, boo
bur :smirk:
:fist_right::fist_left: @Scribesake




Dear Chronies… i was missing for a few weeka if anyone noticed because A SHRAPNEL sent me through a COMA… but here i am… now i feel and walk like a drunk… but these will disappear in a week (hopefully)
Now,if i m still allowed anymore to participate in this giveaway? Please???

  1. satellite reign
  2. totally accurate battleground
  3. galactic civilization 2
  4. soul shards
  5. codex of victory
  6. march of the living
  7. grand ages: rome

As always, thank you all and thank you for your generosity!!!


My new years resolution is to find more time for myself and doing nothing!

  1. Soul Shards
  2. March of the living
  3. Frozen Synapse Prime
  4. 24 hours til’ rescue
  5. Deadlight
  6. Hacknet
  7. Kingdom: classic
  8. 12 is better than 6
  9. Dead pixels
  10. Grand Ages: Rome

I really appreciate this giveaway. Thank you to both of you. Hope life reward you back plenty!


Thank you for the giveaway guys. My new years resolution is not a resolution really as i dont practice them, and is more of a wish/semi resolution: to quit my job and resume my programming learning which i stopped for some time now, and go freelance route. That and just be better than my yester self.

I’d like to enter for these games

  1. glass masquerade
  2. deadlight
  3. kingdom classic
  4. good robot
  5. the esoterica
  6. 2084

Good luck all! And wish you good health in new year!


@GeekInUndies, Well I’ll be damned. it’s not my fault you didn’t move your leg. Worst being that at the time, you still lived up to your name. I have yet to give @Inferry a whopping for not giving me the 127th gallon of water to continue. Not to mention the revenge you apply punned “Revenge of the Shit”. THAT… that was a DARK, DARK, day.


Wow that’s one glorious giveaway!

I’m interested in:

  1. Kingdom: Classic
  2. Between Me and The Night
  3. Shoppe Keeper
  4. Bad End

Happy New Year everyone! My resolution would be to play more games ._. My library continues to grow, but I devote less and less time to gaming every year, even though I deeply enjoy it. It’s mostly because my work demands so much, i feel like a squished lemon 24\7, but maybe this year things will change for the better.
Know it’s not much… but reorganizing leisure time would make me happy.



Less than 24 hours to enter… (Approximately just over 20 hours left)


It’s past 6 January where I live. It’s 01:05 AM here.


“at the time the new deal updates”, being the operative phrase here…


Thanks to both of you for doing this! I hope to get a new computer this year.

  1. Deadlight
  2. Heart&Slash
  3. Codex of Victory
  4. Epic Car Factory
  5. 2084
  6. Grand Ages: Rome
  7. Big Buck Hunter
  8. Good Robot
  9. Candy Snake Master
  10. SharpShooter3D


Thank’s for the giveaway! :grin:
My New Year resolution is to try and read more books and actually finish them.

  1. Heart and Slash
  2. Deadlight
  3. 12 is Better Than 6
  4. Between Me and The Night
  5. Satellite Reign
  6. Good Robot
  7. March of the Living


:fireworks: :wine_glass: :confetti_ball: Happy New Year :baby: :spiral_calendar: :peace_symbol: , :video_game: fellow Chronies :smile: !

:point_right: Rosette’s Resolution #1: Determine, within the first three months :three: , what I will be doing for the rest of the year!

In the meantime, I would like to try my hand at checking out …

  1. Blockstorm
  2. Button Tales
  3. The Dark Stone from Mebara
  4. Candy Snake Master
  5. Mighty Party DLC, “Battle and Toads Pack”
  6. Degrees
  7. Glass Masquerade
  8. Bad End
  9. Dead Pixels
  10. Uriel’s Chasm 2

:heart: Thank you :heart: , @AcornAvenger :muscle: and @GeekInUndies :eyeglasses: , for this generous giveaway! Way to bring in the new year … with :new: games :joystick: ! Also, thanks to @delenn13 and @PeteMcc for (unofficially) moderating :+1: and to @Scribesake for showing us that “new” members are not to be :deciduous_tree: “tree”-fled with :point_up: :wink: .


Hey guys! Giveaway is closed now! :blush:
Unfortunately we had a blackout here (no power) so I will hand out the keys tomorrow. So sorry for the delay! :sunflower:


:thinking: something’s fishy here, I call shenanigans if I don’t win :crazy_face: