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Name The Movie


  1. Suck it. :fire::fire::fire::fire:


:thinking: ?? is that a movie ? :man_shrugging:
-either way, gonna have to go with niet, (don’t even have a clue what 100 is :joy:)


lawl i saw 100 and assumed that was the sparta movie… i was wrong by only 200 soldier XD


edit, lol i just got what you meant by it :man_facepalming: :rofl:
-but you’re wrong, you were 101 :wink:


On the mainpage it says 103 replies, but in the thread it counts the topic as well. :man_shrugging:t2:


Hint: it’s from an early 90’s comedy :wink:


hint: stars Robin Williams


Would it be Mrs Doubtfire?


Ding Ding Ding!
(and here is a small treat for y’all that didn’t remember)


Alright, not messing around this time. Just a great piece of music from a brilliant movie which you’ll listen to for 15s and go “Ah I know what this is, what was the name again… right that’s it!” and then you’ll get to post something, well done!


… juuust missing that last part :confounded:
i wanna say “dat movie with Harrison Ford”, but somehow doesn’t feel quite right… :thinking: (nor can i even remember the (incorrect) exact title apart from “Harrison Ford”) :smile:
cmn, i know this one… :man_facepalming:


On my phone it goes into fullscreen anyway so I‘ll disqualify myself


I see, so you guys DO have phones.


alright, i caved in and looked :unamused:, and just like i thought it wasn’t "that Harrison Ford"movie

and ofc it’s that one, so obvious now :man_facepalming:

-still can’t run Diablo Immortal tho



I really thought people would get this one quickly, two people have tried and disqualified themselves thus far. Anyone still out there who tried but can’t quite put their finger on it? Would a hint help or are we stuck entirely?


Starring Sean Connery and it’s not a Bond movie.


Hunt for Red October?

EDIT: probably should have listened to the music first…


Well done, finally!
I’m choosing to believe that no one particularly cares to pay attention to the thread rather than the possibility that most people here has managed to miss such an excellent movie.


I only watch bad movies


sorry, i’m guilty :cry:


Lucky you, now you get to go watch it.