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Name The Movie



This isn’t necessarily accurate but I understand what you mean.

Edit - …and just read that last sentence. facepalm.jpg


i guess yr talking about Star Wars: A New Hope (havent even listened to the song lol but based on what u just said i cant see what else it would be)


yup your turn


euh, pass, lol, pls anyone go ahead


Aaaalrighty then!
I’m going to keep going with my previous theme of picking up something real old that’s been used in a modern though not recent movie.

Hint for @coralinecastell it’s the movie that’s in colour, ok?


Organ Grinder‘s Swing should be a Death Metal band.


Jim carrey!
:thinking: :confounded: :man_facepalming:
i mean, The Mask ofc


Yes indeed it’s Jim Carrey does funny faces for an hour and a half: The movie.

aka The mask.


okay, here is an easy one for y’alls


After the first two seconds my brain went „DEADPOOL!“, but I‘m not sure actually


ofc it is :smile:
was thinking of having timestamp to pass the massive spoiler intro to at least not be so super duper easy, -but thought that would also be kind of cheating :blush:


Okay, something easy again so we don‘t neckrope the thread! I‘m just using this as a filter now to see which people share my fav movies :full_moon_with_face:


only movie i can think of is pineapple express but im sure i’ve heard this song in a older and better movie


It is Pineapple Express, but the second half of your post makes my peepers wet.


song overused on youtube but still a great movie song

EDIT: @DownwardConcept didn’t intend to bash your favorite movie, i love PE but i feel like i wouldn’t be able to enjoy it without being high as a kite


requiem for a dream :+1:

(and if you say Sunshine i’m gonna call the shame lady from GoT) :triumph:


you’re right,


alright lets see how many youngsters are familiar with this fine work :blush:


Coyote Ugly?


nop :smile:
-a few years earlier than that :wink: