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Name The Movie



Going to be honest I have never seen it. Not my usual kind of movie but hey, I am watching Before Sunrise for some reason at the moment and it is not my usual type of movie either and I don’t mind it.


:thinking: hmmm…
Amadeus ?




OK that does it for me, guys.

It’s The Fall (2006). Heres the opening, just 3 minutes check it out:

Whoever guessed but didn’t go yet has the turn! :blush:


i would totally never have been able to guess that
(granted i probably wouldn’t have been able to guess most of these anyway, but still) :thinking: :smile:
you go again coraline :+1:

PS, damn it’s used in a lot too :open_mouth:


Ok So I am not going to let this topic die just yet, so I am going to give you two to guess but i think they are going to be difficult. One is from a well known movie but plays a small part in in and one is from a little known movie but is a bigger part. I will give hints for both.


  • The movie was nominated for many academy awards
  • Movie is based on a book
  • Part of a dance sequence


  • Band actually cameo in the movie and play the song near the end of the film
  • Movie based somewhere in Asia
  • Actors who play the main characters are a real life couple


Same reaction. Seen that movie multiple times but can‘t remember that song being part of it.


First video not available (in my country, probably) and the second one, solely based on the hints and the genre of the song, without having seen it… 500 days of summer? Indie-folk-ish song. Zoey and Joseph-Gordon Levitt or something?



Another hint for number 2, the movie was heavily inspired by and has many similarities to the movie Before Sunset.

Changed it, try it now


Works now, thanks! Song is really familiar but can‘t pinpoint it on a movie. :thinking:


You are arrested for the murder of Name The Movie on the 2nd November of 2018 at 3:52 PM! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court.

I cheated and still don’t know where the White Stripes song is from and the Noughts and Exes song? I never would’ve guessed, mate.


I think @coralinecastell is the one to blame, she started it all!

I cheated and I know where it is from, I guess you’re bad at cheating!


That‘s because I‘m a pure soul!


let’s revive it then

it’s easy and hard at the same time <3


wth, am i the only one getting some weird half thumbnail sized video player or something?
what are some of you doing to make those YT vid/links be so weird and small???


if the title of the song give too much information you can hide it by doing what @Fraggles showed us


urgh, stop giving people ideas people :unamused:, i like my YTvids spoiler full, -and able to set the volume slider to not auto max on play :wink:


I cheated because I had no idea what that was…until I saw what the answer was and it suddenly made sense! :smiley:


I bet is some underground version of Stuart Little, yes, or maybe just rats in my room, who knows?


that song is in either the first or the forth movie of a nineology (3 trilogy = 9ology right? ), two “live action” spinoff and a shit tons of animated movie/series

and that’s a huge hint
also dont lynch me if i’m wrong on the number of spinoff xD