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Name The Movie



Time for hints, but you gotta do some work!

Main Protagonist


The emoji movie.




I have not seen many movies featureing Micheal Jackson’s hair wax translating Portazil. Only movie I can really think of is Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.


@Fraggles That is correct, sir! :tada:


Wut?! :thinking:





(guess we know who wins all Trivial Pursuits night in that house now) :smile:


I’m guessing you guys didn’t quite get @Enki’s ‘hint’? Wax in Portuguese is Cera, so we have Michael Cera as the clue there. As I said I have not really watched many, or possibly any movies with Michael Cera in them but I know he’s in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world, so that was my guess.

Well here’s another entry from me then. This would be very easy if I just posted the music from the movie, still going to be easy but I figured I’d go to the effort and try to find the original song. The only youtube recording of the original was awful and had some guy talking about it a lot, so here’s just one of the few really early recordings instead.

I’m going to keep the clips disfigured so you have to actually listen to it instead of just reading the heading of it.

Edit: And if anyone else wants to do the same for their entries then just add &width=15&height=40 to the end of the url.


So cool didn’t see this thread was going on, would have guessed Paprika because it’s one of my favorite movies! You’ve got good taste.

I was going to say which song that is but that could ruin all your padding effort, so let me just tell you I really like Johnny Cash’s version as well. Although there are so many, there’s one for every taste.

Is the movie Riders in the Sky (1949) ? Surprised if it ain’t.

EDIT: oh wait it could also be that crap Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage… I’ll be SO disappointed in you if you tell me that’s the right answer. :joy:


Good guesses and I’d have to say if I knew that 1949 movie existed I probably wouldn’t have chosen this song. Unfortunately that one is not what I would consider the most iconic… or shall we say pop-cultural, usage of the song.


Blues Brothers 2000?


Seriously can’t think of anything else. :woman_shrugging:


I suck at this game :joy: :joy: :joy:



Yes that would be the one on my mind.
And as a bonus here’s my favourite version of the song.


Dude I haven’t even seen the sequel of Blues Brothers omg :joy:

And Jesus that version of the song I’m dying @Fraggles what even is this HAHAHAHAHA

Ok, here’s mine:

Have fun, I need to sleep, as I have been telling you for the past thirty minutes :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m getting video unavailable when trying to play the insert on the forum, but it works if I follow the link to youtube. No idea which movie might feature it prominently though.


I watched X-Men Apocalypse recently and it had Beethoven’s 7th Symphony in a scene, but that would probably be a dumb guess. :rofl:


You are correct! That is indeed a dumb guess. :joy:

Hint 1: it’s an American movie that has a partnership with India because it was filmed in several, actual, locations there, instead of using green screens.

Hint 2

It’s Beethoven’s symphony n°7, 2nd movement.


Definitely this movie

The fact that I watched this movie when I was young makes me a little sad



It ain’t this movie but that looks so cute. I think I vaguely remember the first one. :thinking:

Hint 3

It plays in the movie’s opening sequence.


I mean I found the movie your are referencing, but only after looking it up, I think this will be a little hard to guess. I’ll let it go and see if anyone knows it.


Seriously? I thought it was super easy… sorry guys! ):

If no one guesses by the time I get home (6 hours from now), I’ll give the answer…

It’s one of my.favorite movies and I highly recommend it, @PeteMcc! :blush: