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Name The Movie



so, it’s the same thing as name the game but different,

link an iconic song from a movie, let the other find the movie. if you get it it’s your turn.
(pls dont cheat xD)

ill start with A Real hero


Drive, right? Haven‘t even seen the movie, but I‘m certain it‘s both from some commercial and the movie.


yup :stuck_out_tongue: your turn






You are correct!


Okay, here is one for you all.


This is a bit of a tricky game as many well known songs can feature in a lot of different movies.


Yes, @Fraggles, Goodfellas it is, mate.

Also, you are correct by what you say, it can be tricky, especially when I was thinking of doing that just to mess with people by choosing ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ and everyone would likely guess Guardians of the Galaxy but then I’d say no, guess again, to which they will say Reservoir Dogs and again I could say no and so on…

I decided not to do that, so not to be considered a dick… Well in this instance, anyway.


Alright then, here’s my entry. I decided to mess up the video window because the video is just a little bit more disturbing than I feel belongs here and every other video of this song would give the movie away too easily. So don’t go cheating now.

Follow the link and watch the video proper if you wish, the easily disturbed should consider themselves warned.


i have no idea but love the song,

idk if they did a movie but feel like it could fit in attack on titan

or a farwest anime like xD


Yes there are in fact 3 Attack on titan movies. But this is not from one of them and I would not say it’s a farwest anime either, though I’m uncertain as to what you really mean by that, this movie is very Japanese.


i meant that while listening to the music i was able to imagine a Japanese version of far west cowboys riding toward a sunset


Wait a sek. Is it Berserk? If so, i hope i don’t need to be to specific. Sounds very much like a balled for the march of the Band of the Hawk.


Well I actually thought someone here would get this one, though it is a bit on the obscure side I know a few people here have indeed seen the movie. I’ll post another song from the same movie, the main theme this time. See if that rings any bells with anyone.


Oh, i’m stupid. It’s Paprika isn’t it?


There we go!
Indeed it is.


@HouGuard ggwp;



Ok this will probably be too hard to guess, but here goes.

Hint: It’s horror


was about to guess space jam LOL