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Name The Movie



Well you’d be instantly wrong :grin:


My guess was Zohan, but you say horror movie, hmm







Well this is one of those songs that’s been featured over and over in movies and TV for a very long time. I would have to say it’s most iconic appearance has to be in, as already suggested, Space Jam. If you want one of the other answers I’d have to cheat and go imdb diving.


It’s difficult to give hints without it being blatant, but Alan Tudyk has a main role in it. :pensive:


310% not horror then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


why?! :crazy_face: He only ever clucks like five times. Thats some South Park celebrity cameo nonsense.


Only horror movie i can think of with Alan Tudyk is Tucker and Dale vs Evil


DING DING DING. A Winner is you!

I’ll be more careful with what i chose next time.


Here I’ll make it easy so someone else can go with it. I am sure many movies have used this, but just think of the most obvious one.


A Night at the Roxbury? :laughing:


Yeah good. Your turn


This shouldn’t be too hard


But it is! I want an apology.



I wish every movie started with What is Love… Every movie would be sooooo much better.



a movie from Anne Frank journal

i dont think so


Having not read or seen any of the media produced on the original journal I don’t know for sure but I’ve been told the source material does indeed contain a fair amount of inquiry along those lines, so I’d say the song can probably be made to fit.


I am not saying it is the only song that can be featured in a movie, I just want every movie to begin with ‘What is love’, mainly because I think that would inspire directors to do something interesting in the beginning of their film in order to build up the setting/theme without just music that matches it.

Picture how much more interesting the introduction to a transformers movie would have to be if you knew going into shooting that the opening footage would have to be accompanied by ‘What is love’.

Also, the potential to play with the requirement, and create an interesting subversion of the effective trope would be interesting as well. How much can directors alter the song? How long does the song have to be? All these questions I think would eventually be used to create much more interesting introductions because you have some degree of audience expectation that might be really intriguing to play with.