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Name the Game



Around 2 I guess. And I mean plotwise, this is not a co-op game.


The last of us?




Alright, since no one’s getting it, here’s a hint: This game is available on GOG but not Steam.


That explains why I have no idea what is going on.


only 55 pages of a 100 games to search, if we split up we can find it


Did GOG get rid of fanmade lists? There definitely used to be a list of GOG exclusives.


But all you said was it was on GOG but not steam. May not be an ‘exclusive’.

QUICK Lad’z they’ve given away more info than before!! Resume the guessing.


GOG isn’t the only PC platform it’s on. It’s also not only on PC.


Is that a reference to the Arkham Knight introduction?


No, it’s something that happens in Silent hill. I never played arkham knight so any likeness is unintended.


This is what I was thinking of.


Could the other PC platform be Battlenet?


No, it’s Uplay.


Last hint: It’s the third game in the Rayman main series.


Wow. You got us good.


Isn’t that more an answer than a hint???


i guess it all depends how one interprets the words “third” and “game” and “Rayman” and “main” and “series”

so…um…is it Resident Evil 2?


You’re right, it’s not exactly a hint.

Anyway, feel free to make the next description.

To anyone who’s played Rayman 3, was there anything wrong with my hints?


you said the correct answer you have to go again :smiley:
i like the fact that so many of us just refused to solve the riddle
in fear of haveing to create the next one i guess