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Name the Game




Thought that this might be interesting/fun. Think of a game, and describe it in an oblique way until someone guesses the game you’re describing. It’s then their turn to describe a game…and so on. So to kick things off lets go mega easy -

Laconic gentleman has an incredibly bad day at work, where all sorts of things go wrong and throw his workplace into disarray. We follow him on his journey, as he tries to get home only to find himself propelled even further from where he wants to be in order to resolve all the problems that have occurred. Fortunately for him, once he’s finished he gets offered a new job.

Does anybody have this game in their library and can you tell me its title please?
A question about Chrono

Yeah that was too easy. But I’m not going to guess because I don’t have time to continue the game right now. Fun idea though.


i suck at a describing things

…and guessing things :confounded:

-i’ll keep an eye out on this one, i wanna see where it leads :blush:
very neat idea xist :+1:




So near and yet so far…


k, i mean 1, rofl, everyone’s so obsessed with the second one (and the third one), it’s like it doesn’t have a part 1 in my head, lol

i still need to finish part 2 btw…


OK…now you have it. Your turn.

Part 2 and the episodes are worth playing, but are not the second coming of gaming everyone claims them to be. Also, and no offence to Gnuffi, babysitting that Gnome was GRRRRRRRRRRR!


that description makes total sense now, it’s so perfect :smile:

i kept thinking of another, but couldn’t quite fit the “job offer” into it

possibly the best most well earned, actual, feat in games, -or some solid class act valve trollin? :thinking: :joy:


A school gets attacked. Our hero saves his teacher and proceeds with heavy-handed revenge, tracking down their enemies. Turns out the teacher was bad and caused the attack through his actions. Finally, our hero has to make a final choice…


Hmmm…do I detect anime?


ugh I wanted to play but I don’t know that >.>

saves his teacher? I don’t want to play a game like that :surfing_man:

and I friggin knew half life.

it totally sounds like a frikkin’ anime…


the words school and teacher are open to interpretation; they are not to be taken literally but are encompassing (cuz otherwise i could as well straight tell u the name of the game…)

which i hope falls within the boundaries of the game


yeah, I didn’t like the use of the word oblique, how can you ask questions or state something in a slanted way? xD oh I suppose by avoiding it’s main point… but I’ve only heard it used in mathematics so…

also, I knew that already I just wasn’t gonna say it out loud and ruin it for anyone else >.>


I just wanted to make a “I wouldn’t save my teacher” joke xD

I just don’t know what the HELL this game is >:(


it is necessary though, as proven in this case, trust me


k going to bed, if this doesn’t get solved by the time i get up I’ll add a hint, though I’m pretty sure that won’t be necessary


for the record I don’t want a hint, I just flat out don’t know it, which means I haven’t played it, so I wouldn’t get it with a clue really xD


I have no idea what this game could be, which sadeens me because I have a nice idea for a game to describe xD
Anayway I think the school and teacher words are not to be taken too literally. I guess it would be more like a master and his apprentice being in, like, a fighting school or something? :thinking:
Isn’t that the last Street Fighter? (I don’t know anything about this series but I think I saw the trailer and it was something like this…)


It’s Mark of the Ninja.
Well I’m off to bed, if I am correct then someone else can go ahead and post a new riddle.



yes, it is, lol

man, i was just waiting for u to get it rly

no @Fraggles, we want yours now, right @xist?


Indeed, those are the established rules.