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Name the Game



hey guys!!! I think its Rayman 3:Hoodlum Havoc, I couldn’t get into Rayman games, it looked more fun than it actually was to play imo. In case this means its my turn, I’m leaving it open but considering the answer was revealed I dont think it would be.


it totally is yr turn, aint it guys??? amirite amirite???


please don’t let this game die! :pray:
it is your responsibility to continue

yes of course


Rayman 3?


Better not say it’s Rayman Junior English.


Seriously? Almost a year later and I figure out I was the one that supposedly let this game die?

I didn’t want to have a go because I know that if I do, it will be stupid easy or so complicated that it barely describes the game. Let’s see I guess…

Taking things that don’t belong to you is all you have ever known, People want your services and you know how to deliver. Each choice you make affects the people around you but earning you new friends and accomplices as you go for bigger and more dangerous situations. How far will you go before it all comes to an end?


Every RPG ever.


u won! yr turn




no it’s not thief

ok I’m adding more to the description, check original post


Thief Simulator?




my imagination fits so many games i loved to match the description.

is it gta?

edit: obviously, it’s not. all gta games are linear. even though they didn’t feel like it x(


it is gta, specifically gta5 as I haven’t played through any other


Wow, so it IS gta xD I’d recommend to play the other parts that are in 3D, too. They all have solid cinematographc scenarios that would look great in the movies, but instead you’re the one who’s making things happen. GTA protagonists used to be my favorite protagonists overall. And in Vice City you actually get to play through a revamped version of “Scarface”, but with a different ending.

So it’s my turn now.

Looking for a change in life, you moved to another town. What you didn’t expect is that you would also get the best job this place can offer! Now you’re the big deal, and everybody looks up to you, but there’s a catch:

  1. You won’t get paid.
  2. To get things done, you’ll have to find alternative sources of income.


sounds like everyone one of those matching puzzle renovation garden/house games on app stores


uh, i guess it does. then

  1. You have to be a human in a town full of animals.


Animal Crossing?


Yeah, that’s it) I picked it up this month and now it’s on my mind every day. Your turn!


North, South, East or West? Which way should I go? No matter what I do, I can't forget to get a lantern before going into that dark cave... or it's game over.