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Name the Game



Well that kind of sounds like the setup to the gladiator movie. I was getting a whiff of gladiatorial combat a little earlier as well but having played nearly no such games I had little to go on and most of them tends to have a management sort of setup to them too.

But that line of thinking and the 4 player co-op mention I’m arriving at a decent guess here: Forced (not showdown)


Hold up. Are we talking Spiral Knights?


It was in fact FORCED.

I figured the 4 player co-op would help out a bit.

I don’t think Spiral knights would work for it, but I only played the tutorial there.


Well great, so it’s my turn again. I guess that’s why this thread keeps dying, I can’t keep coming up with good new riddles.

Well it looks like you’ve had a bit of a tumble on your way to your vacation in this quaint little lakeside resort town and now your daughter is missing. Should probably try to find her, though the weather is making it a bit troublesome and the sorry state of the town’s infrastructure isn’t helping either. There seems to be some sort of drug war going on as well and someone must have slipped you something at some point because you’re seeing an awful lot of weird shit.


Silent Hill.


Yeah, figured it was going to be an easy one.
No wait, Harry where are you going with that gun while overdosed on hallucinogenics?
Oh god, what have you done? That was an just elementary school Harry!


Well here goes another obvious one -

Sizzle. Don’t you just love that sound? It takes an even temperament to get anywhere on these isles as well as a lot of patience and skill. So grab your cutlery, practice your pirouettes and let’s get cooking! Get on my grill and you’re gonna get burnt!


if i knew the answer i would write it here


Stephen’s Sausage Roll?




Here is my attempt:


is it the odyssey game thing that is old and i know nothing of?
oddworld abe’s oddysee?




:frowning: ok but can anyone tell me if my guess made any sense?


Bugs turning evil sounds like the Locust from Gears of War, but otherwise I have no idea. Just super random guess: The Bug Butcher?


Not too sure, but part of sounds somewhat familar to Escape from Bug Island, one of the best-selling launch titles for the Wii. Am I far off with that guess?^^


So far no one got it.


Will you eventually resolve it if nobody comes forth with an answer? I don’t want this thread to die :sweat_smile:


How about somebody does their own in the meantime? I’m sure someone can get mine eventually.


How many friends we talking here? If I am on the right train of thought it might be 7.