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Name the Game



Well let me make it easier for everyone then

Forced to join a deadly proposition,
the beast uses threats to keep a fair competition.
The winner in the end can only be one,
covered in pink and you’re likely done
With an athelete, a serial killer, a singer of song
Proof and evidence is what will let the game go along


Honeslty don’t know why I like figuring/creating puzzles. I even sort of did one in this reply

Just because I could, though I am sure most didn’t notice due to the small full stops


That sounds like a battle royale game to me


Nope its not, maybe its too obscure and the clue is a little to vague. I’ll leave it one more day and then revise the clue


Death Run of some kind? @PeteMcc




I don’t play enough normal games to get it… but I will leave my 2 cents here… I feel the rhyming scheme is important (or maybe @PeteMcc is just having some fun with it), seems like one of those crime solving Scooby gangs (either with 3 party members or 3 playable characters: an athlete, serial killer and a signer of song) which move the game forward by proof and evidence…

Wait… is it Deadly Masquerade?


Just for fun





in some warped dimension, is it Sexy Brutale?




hmm… yea, i gave up trying to google key words/phrases from it, because clearly you had anticipated that move, and bribed google to only turn out gibberish…
(at least that’s my suspicion given the weird (completely unrelated) search results i kept getting) :wink: :smile:


Hmm lets make it a bit easier then, this should give you some search terms

Awakened and forced into a deadly proposition,
a black and white beast forces his competition.
alive out of this there can only be one,
stained with pink and you’re likely done.
16 kids, “ultimate” is how they’re described,
pity by the end many will have died.
With a swimmer, a serial killer, a singer of song
Proof and evidence is what will let the game move along


Oh right, that’d be Danganrompa wouldn’t it?


Ya, you win!


yea… i’d never have been able to guess that, never having touched it with a 30foot pole and all that :wink: :smile:


Ye, never touched either, the mere premise of that game keeps me away from it.


oh i didn’t mean it like that :flushed:
just that i never tried those games because was never really into VNs, the game+title seemed “weird” to me, so i just never bothered to look at it twice…
-and every time i hear the name “Danganronpa” i get this unsettling feeling, like some terrible incantation has just been cast upon the world… :smile:


Oh good it’s my turn again.

Paranoid schizophrenic teenager manages to amass a following of enablers who encourages and validates his psychosis leading to his personality shattering into ever more fragments. As his paranoia deepens he becomes convinced that not only is his school ran by a shady organisation but the same people already have control over the police and justice system. It now falls to him to ensure that they do not succeed in taking over the entire government and legislative branch as well. No, it is not very well to just go along with this.


persona5?? (or something in the persona series?) …


@Gnuffi quickly finished the fight with an all out attack.