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Name the Game



You are correct @GarbageFox

Truth! the core ‘story’ has 3 bosses, and a fair bit of grinding to get up to the right level (at least when I played it solo) to start the DLC stories.


This is terrible, but I’m tired so… bleh.

A lone swordsman travels an overworld seeking to vanquish evil.
With many tools in tow, like bombs, gloves and bow.
You might be thinking of another, but you are likely confused.
This one explores troubled minds but I should stop making stanky rhymes.


If it’s not any random pick of a zelda game then it’s any other zelda-like title and you’ve not managed to distinguish between them with this description.

Know what, go get some sleep and try again tomorrow? How does that sound? We’re not in any hurry.


I actually think that there’s enough there to guess what game is being referenced (assuming that I’m correct that is!). If that’s the case then I really enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll get to replay it at some point in the future…


Alright if you think so and Fox is happy with what he’s written then I have no complaints.


Of course I could be wrong, but if anything it’s a little easy. :sunglasses:


I’m never happy with anything I write lmao. I think it’s fine though, there’s really only one game that fits that description, even the games sequel doesn’t fit it. :wink:


i wonder if the mention of the glove is important… :thinking:… because without it it just seem to fit “any”/“XY” adventure game/rpg
hmm… i should probably just sit down again and eat some more paste… :confounded:


It’s Alundra. Not sure how best to describe the next game so I just took the easy option.

I am on am mission to stop being a zero,
First I chopped some onions, because I am a martial arts hero.
Then I learned to drive, just a little bit like De Niro,
Next I found that money is all you need, money and fleas is what it takes,
Although I must admit I then baked a fishy cake.
But too much food and too much cake, meant that I was desperate to evacuate,
But as I got on stage, it was party time,
Say Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho!
Say Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Now Scream!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everybody! and don’t forget! You gotta believe! Thank you!


what even is this!! :exploding_head: :confounded: :man_facepalming:
i’m just gonna throw out parappa the rapper -because it’s the only thing with something like onoins and rhyming i can even remotely connect together and remember :dizzy_face:


I hear ya man, I have absolutely no stinkin clue, not even a little bit… lol …

Anyway, @xist, nice rhymes, I loved reading it, just :exploding_head:


that seems to be the obvious choice y


experience teaches;
-that is likely why i will fail at this…
“when road ahead is obvious; always drive off cliff, -to be safe”


Kick Punch It’s all in the mind. Yes!


you have survived armageddon, sort of, and emerge from your underground shelter after many years
you find yourself in the sort of post-apocalyptic wastelands that’s left behind, and are immediately set upon by bandits, (don’t worry the mutants wait until later)
you must now scrounge, gather, quest and shoot yourself through all this -the “new” life you woke up and stepped into…
But beware of the big baddie authority, the militant group(with “advanced gear”) that tries to control and shape this desolate remains of a world, however they wish to see fit, even if it means killing regular humans, -especially former bunker dwellers


Thats rage right?


Well he wants us to say fallout obviously and go all “Haha ha neener neener it wasn’t fallout!” but I’m not sure what in this description makes the one distinguishable from the other.


Well I knew he wanted Fallout, and I knew it wouldn’t be, so Rage is the only other game I can think of where you are in a bunker and come out to a post apocalyptic world.


I’d wager that there’s a lot of misdirection going on. The wording makes me think that this is deliberately not what it seems.



correctomundo, there is simply no fooling you, “The Puzzler” :+1:

yep, honestly, was hoping someone would jump in without second thoughts so i could have gotten some glee on, but can’t sneak anything past the chronies it seems :wink:
i tried to slightly sprinkle 2 “direct” distinguishing elements, that also could still be vague enough to (hopefully) not have given it away right away…
the “getting jumped by bandits straight out”, and the “authority” -which was the actual name too for the baddies(iirc)

when will you all learn, i’m simply not clever enough for such trickery or imaginings. (at least not without 2 weeks prior notice) :smile:
My sole deviousness lies in it always being so simple you’ll think “it can’t be that simple” :smirk:

anyways, good one Pete, and blasted that you all spotted my "tries to make it fallout"ruse and didn’t go for it :wink:
sry it was so easy -i was in a bit of a rush tho
i’ll try to do better “next” time :sweat: :grimacing: :+1: