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Name the Game



easter bunny game?, mebe/obviously ? :man_shrugging:



oh it’s mario raving rabbids kingdom battle extreme, now I get it.


Wait its Gradius right?


Ding, ding, ding, ding…Winner is you! :star_struck:

Scramble - (note capitalised S) widely thought to be the first Gradius game
Vic - Vic Viper spacecraft
Easter - Reference to Moai head statues of Easter Island which are enemies here
more I see - slur the first two words to get Moai
options - awesome power up
question whether a shield - the shield is the question mark power up
Core principle - the Big Core is a recurring boss.
Name, age and star sign - all things asked of the player for the score table when they complete the game.


but that’s what I said and you said it was wrong?..


“spot 7 differences”
:wink: :+1:



Take it Kyle, give the next clue.


Sorry I’ve been out all day, did I mention anywhere that I wanted to give my go to @YQMaoski? because I intended to before I went out, sorry peeps, zis guess inspired mine, thanks though. :slight_smile:


The Description:

You are a little man on a big mission. Sometimes there is a little girl by your side as well. Scaling mountains, avoiding dangers. Brrrrr! It’s cold everywhere! As you set out on your mission, it’s not entirely clear what you are setting out to do. Facing multi-colored rocks and dangerous foes, you push forth. You find yourself face to face with a large bird more often than you care to. Why? Because you have to recover the lost… … eggplants?


Ice Climbers!


We have a winner! Was that too obvious? I was just writing from memory…


Nope, I just immediately pictured those silly brawl characters from the description…

hmmmm… something more intermediate from my last one.

Just kids, left alone in a huge home… Their parents away on important business, so what are four (eight? nine? I can’t tell anymore) young precocious youth to do? They have too much of their parents in them… the adventuring spirit calls for them to play! However, an accident turns this game into far more… These rambunctious youth have weakened the very locks on the prison of some very, very bad things. And thousands upon thousands of evil creatures march to liberate them! Now these kids must protect their family home from the legions of eternal darkness! They will fight from the basement to the halls to the rooftops, fight off three mighty beasts and then do it all again! Luckily, though there are as many as four of them versus the thousands, they are not alone, each will be able to bring forth traps, towers or spells to help fight off the hordes. Some will even have pets engaging in mischief against the enemy.

I hope that is a little easier, but not too much easier…


Sooo…I’m guessing more the latter…


… yea i must admit, i haven’t “gotten” any of the last couple of batches, and didn’t look over them too many times after those initial bouts of defeated brainings attempts :dizzy_face:
…think i’ll just sit in the corner and eat paste, -until another round of “freebies”/easy ones come up again… :no_mouth: image


Reading the first bits, I was going to guess Earthbound, but the more I read, the less it seemed to fit… So I am not really sure… I meant to put that guess out there when @hivefleetbothan, must have thought that I posted a reply and then forgot about it… :exploding_head:


Unfortunately not the answer I was thinking of… I seem to have a knack for confounding/confusing.


Chances were very low on that one…

I will keep on thinking, but my head/brain really is not cooperating with the game details this time…


It’s Dungeon Defenders, I actually knew it straight away but… making a sypnosis is scary. :sweat_smile:


I was thinking Dungeon Defenders, but I couldn’t place the 3 beasts mentioned. There’s more bosses than that so I discarded the notion.


Without the DLC there’s only the Demon, Mech and Dragon.

I could be wrong still, but I’m 99.9% sure.