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Name the Game



if you wanna cross reference them then yeah xD this does narrow it down if you have an idea though, I think, I didn’t actually check myself I guess you guys own a lot huh. (I have 500 though, so not too far behind.:stuck_out_tongue: )


Exactly as @Gnuffi said, this may take a really long time… LOL!


tbh, the blacksmith part confused the heck out of me… i immediately thought bl2 like the rest, but still., something “other” i still get confused… but i’ll take a gander at my list and see if it’s something i can remember by “owning” it :wink:
(ps me being confused isn’t necessarily a bad thing (quite common) just means it’s something that’s not overly easy as to be guessed straight up without at least poking a brain cell, -or half) :smile:


I wasn’t serious about cross referencing them xD it’s just if you think “is it this game?” you can check on steam who has it and it has now narrowed it down to “it’s on steam” but err I don’t own a PS4, I guess it probably is on that it’s popular enough. here’s a final clue

it was on the chrononomicon super sale event, 1 of those 8(?) games.


Enter the Gungeon?




I’m sure there was a wrong part in my description somewhere there usually is, but repenting(killing your past), bosses get harder as you go, same as enemies, the dragon doesn’t bite often it’s the flames you wanna worry about, and once you get the gun, it isn’t even loaded, and you have to go to the blacksmith next playthrough and make a bullet, and the things you need to do are harder than the bosses, I haven’t done that bit yet xD but I’ve killed the boss.


Oh my… I hadn’t even read your description yet… :rofl: I have been negligent, could have answered that directly from your description… I played that game so much… yet there’s still things I haven’t seen completely.


I’m sure that was the same for a couple of you xD I may have given too many clues at the end but oh well :man_shrugging:


I had it narrowed down to a few games from the description. The cross referencing is what made it pretty easy to solve.

Can someone else write one. I don’t have time now.


surely going twice in a row is illegal, mods will hunt me down and kill me, also I don’t have time really either.


Hey, if we are looking for someone else to do a game… @xist did win my second description… Just to push someone else into the limelight.

Aren’t I helpful :hugs:


Some days I wish that I had a different job. But hell, someone’s got to do it and that someone is me…so I Scramble. And then we’re on…Vic and I, just the two of us, working together to prune away the opposition. Wave after wave…am I imagining things? It’s Easter already? The more I see…yet without any other options I have little chance…and sometimes I question whether even a shield will help. Of course in the end it comes down to a core principle…kill or be killed. Now we’re done let me ask you some questions…I need your name, age and star sign.




Nope. :wink:


I think I know this game, this is a very old game…

Short Answer

Scramble–Arcade Game?


I like your reasoning, but no. :wink:


isn’t the guy from gladius called vic viper?

my guess is Gladius.


Oh so very close.:sunglasses:


thanks to YQmaoski for the inspiration behind that guess xD if it was right I was gonna gift that go to you haha.