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Name the Game



oh, i see, now this game is for weebs only, huh? :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


More like a case of “ya snooze, ya lose.”


you are forever stuck in two dimensions, with limited abilities, and few moves to make, it feels like almost all you can do is react to what’s always coming your way
your opponent, nay dare we say nemesis; your twin, -always over there on the other side, trying to match your every move
for any momentary victory only comes if either of you “yields”, -or missteps,
will you battle for eternity?, or till a pair of ones goes hand in hand, as the true winner…?..


huh, i’m not a weeb ? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, i don’t even watch tentacle porn much :man_shrugging:



Well that sounds like pong


seriously???.. and i thought i tried really hard on that :confounded: :man_facepalming:
god dang it! :triumph:
-alright, guess i need much much longer and better prep work next time…

there really is no pulling one from under you is there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
oh well, take your prize :trophy:, while i go back in my corner of shame and drown my inadequacy in the "buffet"
barkeep; another jar of paste!..


You did, I just know how to interperet gnome logic


I never would have gotten this one! I was trying to think really hard, knowing that you were going to be tricky about it too… @PeteMcc, good job!


@YQMaoski you want to put one up? I am going to sleep.


Sure, I will try to think of something. :slight_smile:

And sleep well! :zzz:


Observing, planning, plotting,
You seek the truth and justice.
The criminal unsuspecting,
As you unleash the ruckus.

You goal is only one target,
By all means assassinate.
When you try your best to negate,
Can your kill be first-rate?

He will run if he suspects,
Within your plan any defects.
Cops are in danger when you act,
Your powers are great, in fact.

As you observe from your booth,
Don’t forget about that tooth!


Bump… Sorry guys, was this too vague?


I think there is probably enough specifics included for someone to get it. I must admit I had not really put much thought into this one yet. Though I get a little tripped up by the poetry you guys started throwing around, makes it hard to tell if your specific choice of words are just to fit the meter or if they’re clues.


I will let this sit here for a while then, there’s definitely a defining clue in there for anyone who has played the game.


ship full of friends is sailing but gets caught in a storm and it lands at a theater full of cats which force them to go through dangerous obstacle courses and get gems and yarn balls


Welcome to the forums and this thread @DeepThought, you’ve chosen to head straight into the fray without reading much or caring to understand the format. You got to guess the game currently in play before it’s your turn to add a description yourself.

That was Battleblock theater though and a pretty straight up description at that, now feel free to have a guess at what @YQMaoski have described for us.


So the first game that came to mind was one of the Batman titles, but by the 2nd stanza that was thrown out, maybe a hitman game? Nah doesn’t sit quite right either. What’s with the tooth thing? Clearly included to be a confirming detail once a hunch was had.

So that leads me to guess Kill the Bad Guy.


Bingo! Nice! You sure are correct!


I’ve got three to revive this ded thred.

Number 1:

A poor guy gets a life sentence from a rock-monster board of directors for showing up to work too early. He bargains for a community service sentence where he has to go hunting monsters and find out who messed with his alarm clock.

Number 2:

A lovable idiot skeleton gets a lot of people hurt over a stunt he pulls to get a promotion.

Number 3:

A local engineer loses his cool and decides to kill some floors. And walls. And entire structures. He also kills the only people capable of stopping giant insects, which his grandson won’t appreciate all that much.


#1 Part of the reason this thread died in the first place, it was getting hard to pick a game that hadn’t been done already.
#2 Too easy.
#3 There’s, kind of, 2 unrelated games in this one isn’t there?