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Mr. Delenn's Surgery Update!


He got his 12 staples out today in that awful ice/snow storm. Now comes the HARD part. Trying to keep him in his sling for 6 more weeks. I am not looking forward to this fight. And I know it will be.:cold_sweat:


Stay strong @delenn13 and your hubby! It’s gaming forum, so I will go for such analogy - Getting the toughest bosses flawlessly doesn’t mean you can get the winning speed runner time if you don’t keep your senses sharp during the inbetween … simple moments - where you can lose most of the time - those are always the hardest!


I am sooo glad he is recovering so well!!!



hope Mr and Mrs delenn still manages to have a good Valentines tomorrow :hugs:


I showed Mr. Delenn this and he said, "Yep, I am in “Misery”.:scream:


Glad it went well and I’m happy you were able to take this time to give us an update :). He’s lucky to have you and so are we. Sending positive energy your way :slight_smile:

And have an awesome Vday considering the circumstances :smiley:


Just to keep everyone up to date…Just got back from the doc. He twisted his arm in his sling while he was sleeping so he’s been in a lot of pain and it swelled up. Hopefully in time the pain will stop. We will see the doc again Mar 8th unless something else goes wrong…


Sending much love!

I second this. :heart: