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Mr. Delenn's Surgery Update!


He got his 12 staples out today in that awful ice/snow storm. Now comes the HARD part. Trying to keep him in his sling for 6 more weeks. I am not looking forward to this fight. And I know it will be.:cold_sweat:


Stay strong @delenn13 and your hubby! It’s gaming forum, so I will go for such analogy - Getting the toughest bosses flawlessly doesn’t mean you can get the winning speed runner time if you don’t keep your senses sharp during the inbetween … simple moments - where you can lose most of the time - those are always the hardest!


I am sooo glad he is recovering so well!!!



hope Mr and Mrs delenn still manages to have a good Valentines tomorrow :hugs:


I showed Mr. Delenn this and he said, "Yep, I am in “Misery”.:scream:


Glad it went well and I’m happy you were able to take this time to give us an update :). He’s lucky to have you and so are we. Sending positive energy your way :slight_smile:

And have an awesome Vday considering the circumstances :smiley:


Just to keep everyone up to date…Just got back from the doc. He twisted his arm in his sling while he was sleeping so he’s been in a lot of pain and it swelled up. Hopefully in time the pain will stop. We will see the doc again Mar 8th unless something else goes wrong…


Sending much love!

I second this. :heart:


Aww, you have not set him up in a straight jacket and strapped to the bed yet?! I kid, I kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope the pain ebbs and flows away sooner than later! Best wishes to your family throughout this complete process.


Trust me. It has passed my mind a few times. And a gag would be good too.:exploding_head:


We went to the Doctor today and he is officially OUT of the sling. It’s sore and he can hardly use it but he’s out of the sling. Now comes all the pysicotherapy. He, actually got out of the sling 3 weeks early. We must have dun gud!


you’ll be hiking down those moose in no time :+1:
(just remember the giant spool of ethernet cable) :rofl:


Apparently those straitjackets worked! That’s great news :slight_smile:. How long does the pysicotherapy (physiotherapy?) go for?


Woot! Happy to hear that from both of you. :slight_smile:


Wishing you both all the best…


Is this some new fangled combination of physiotherapy and psychotherapy?

Great news :slight_smile:


LOL…using spell check does have it’s moments.:joy:


Well, in the US, it’s called physical therapy. In Canada, Europe, and a lot of other places, it’s called physiotherapy.


And there goes the US trying to be different again…


Just to keep you updated and to let you know that the adage of “When it rains, it pours” is true.

NTM my migraine but he’s been complaining his arm hurts more than usual since Sunday. He went to his PT today and they sent him to the ER. They seem to think he has an infection UNDER THE SKIN. :exploding_head:
So I am trying to get in touch with his surgeon to make an apt and he’s in the ER. Hopefully i will have more news soon>>>>>