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Mr. Delenn's Surgery Update!


@delenn13 Aw nuts… raining and pouring. Wish you better with the migraine (they are truly the ev3l) and that the doctors get Mr. Delenn sorted. :hugs:


Oh dear! Sending prayers your way :slight_smile: .


I hope everything works out :sunflower:


For the past 3 days I have been in the ER 3 times. And it any one knows anything about the Canadian Healthcare System. It’s hurry up and get there…then, WAIT!

Yesterday I was there from 9:30am to 7:00pm. He’s septic(possibly from the disposable sucretures in the muscle). They had to cut him back open, drain the wound and he is on 2 IVs twice a day. I have a nurse coming twice a day to do the IV’s(2 hrs. each visit) and change the packing in the wound.

Just got a call FROM the surgeon. Got to be back in the falls at 7AM tomorrow for some more(5th one in 3 days)blood tests for his kidneys because these antibiotics are rough on the kidneys.

TL;DR We are back to square one. Cutting his meat, carrying things for him, dressing him etc.


God cure him and make it easy on you.


oh boy… that sounds rough delenn, hope you’re okay though through this -and Mr Delenn too obviously
crossing fingers everything turns out well and :thought_balloon:&:pray: coming your way too hoping he bounce back and gets alright


Sorry to hear that @delenn13. Let us know if we can help in any way.


Sorry to hear it @delenn13

I’ll second what @PeteMcc said.
Just let us know.
Apart from keeping the forum sensible obviously, which of course we do at all times anyway.


I’m sorry to hear that :sunflower: I hope things improve drastically


Update: Just got home, He’s back in the hospital and is having surgery tomorrow.

Thanks for the encouragement :hugs:
I am toast…Laters all :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hope you get some rest, @delenn13, and hopefully everything goes well tomorrow. :pray: :hugs:


Lots of good thoughts, wishes and hopes being sent to the both of you.

I am so sorry that this is happening, no one should have to deal with this.

Keep the faith, and know we have your back.

Ila in Maine
Where it is once again Winter


Thanks everyone :hugs:

The surgery went well and now onto the mend AGAIN! :exploding_head:


Great news!

Hope all goes smoothly from here on.


Glad to hear that :wink:


Yay! Hopefully this is for good then :slight_smile:


Where are my healing spells when I need them…

Sending you and your hubby all my good thoughts and healing potions by mail! :yellow_heart:


I don’t really know you, or the situation (bar what I have skimmed here) , but I sincerely wish you both the best, and have fingers and toes both crossed for a swift, and relatively painless recovery.
Hopefully for the last time, this time!
I can only presume by the amount of love for you on here, that you are a mighty fine person, and that leads me to believe that he must be to, to be deserving of such care and attention - so you guys make sure to look after yourselves / each other, and let the rest of the world look after themselves for a while :wink:

(P.s - hope I’m not being intrusive, I’m not sure how open this topic was. Probably meant for those who already know you, but compassion is free, and I’ve always felt it can be rather helpful to witness the compassion of stranger in difficult times - even when they can offer no real aid.)

Good luck and best wishes :pray:


Thanks, @scar1 and welcome to the forum. Hey, right now, I will take any prayers and encouragement so it’s much appreciated.

On my way back to the hospital. Once he gets the pick line in he can come home. Then i will have a nurse coming in 3 times a day for the IV for 3 weeks . So much Fun. NOT!!!

Thanks everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:


better than having to go to the hospital 3 time a day for 3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

hopes everything goes smoothly from now on <3 <3 <3