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Mr. Delenn's Surgery Update!


Hi Everyone,

Mr. Delenn is doing well after his surgery. He is going to be in a sling for 6 weeks and can’t use his RIGHT arm at all. His left hand doesn’t work so now he can hardly do anything for himself. So I can’t leave him alone at all. He had a drainage thingy that a nurse came last night and removed. There are 9 more visits planned to keep an eye on the incisions with staples. Notice I said incisions!!! Then after the 6 weeks of hell he has extensive physiotherapy which will not be a picnic either. So we have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of months.

I need all of you to continue what you have all been doing…Helping each other and not burning the place down. Keep the roar down to a minimum. I will try to be in but most the time it will just be me reading and giving out the love/fav button. Don’t drive @PeteMcc and @KSib nuts please!

I want to thank all of you who have PMed me through Steam and here inquiring as to what was going on. This community is the best for showing concern/caring about people and being helpful. I will try to keep everyone updated through this thread because I won’t have a lot of time to answer ALL your PMs. You are all the best! Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Glad that he is doing well. :+1:

Keep us posted, but focus on getting better is more important than anything else. Just follow the recovery recommendations and make sure he doesn’t over do it in the first 6 weeks after surgery!

Anyway, we are all around, and of course driving the mods bonkers is what we thrive at :blush:, so we will try to keep it at a minimum.


May the recovery go smooth and well.


Great news that the surgery went smooth! Wish him strength and fast recovery.


Best wishes to your husband! Tell him I said hi! :slight_smile:


Not sure I can promise there wont be ANY fire at all, but we can try to keep to just singe things a bit, maybe a little charred in the edges.

I hope things works out and no further complications occur. I wish you both the necessary patience and energy required to pull this through.


Glad to hear the surgery was a success. He’s lucky to have you to help get him back into shape!


Best wishes to you both, and if it helps at all my right arm is now also in a plaster cast, so we can be comrades in arms…boom, boom!

Hope that everything goes well and that the following weeks fly by.


I wish him the best :smiley:


Best of wishes to the both of you. And may he have a speedy recovery.


All good. We care so much because you care about us. A nice chrono family. Just don’t invite the drunk uncle who shall not be named!




DON’T WORRY :smiling_imp:

keeping you two in my thoughts! All the best. :yellow_heart:


…and there it goes!


Best wishes to you both but you ask too much of me


Best of wishes… to the both of you… Glad to know that it went well and hope for a smooth fast recovery :two_hearts:


best wishes to both of you :revolving_hearts:, I hope Mr. Delenn recovers quickly and well. :four_leaf_clover::rainbow:


Glad it went well. Sounds like some serious surgery, so I hope the recovery is quick and smooth.


Suddenly it reminded me of this picture

Best wishes to both of you, take care of each other


It’s just another quest, you guys got this! You know we’ll be rooting for ya


I told him that and he just grinned. Nothing was broken. A muscle had gotten caught in his rotator cuff and needed to be repaired. Supposed to be very painful and from what I have seen it was and still is painful.

Thanks all of you. He is enjoying the antics…and the best wishes…