Might & Magic X Legacy (Deluxe Edition) - free @Uplay




Claim it here: https://register.ubisoft.com/might-and-magic-x/en-US

Region limited to ~China, use VPN (it works for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).
All language versions available for download.

If you’re getting an err msg at login (blocked; too many attempts; try later), log in before you connect via VPN.


Thanks, but I will pass on trying to access this through VPN I suppose. Nevertheless, a good find! :+1:


Got it, thanks.

I wonder if the account will ever be banned when they figure out I’m not in China. No biggie if they do though.


They already know that.


What did you use to get it?


You mean the VPN I used?

I use surfshark and went through Hong Kong, it’s not free though.


Hong kong? Sadly not any more, no.


defo not risking my Ubi collection over the use of a VPN, those guys are just the sorta chaps to ban me for it without even mentioning it in their rules


news flash, it never was, and i’m sure you’re aware of that, so i don’t rly get it

I get that China does a lot of bad stuff etc. but why should they give up on their territory just cuz others want them to?

then we might as well demand that Spain gives the Basques and the Catalans full independence, and the same for tons of peoples in tons of countries…


West Taiwan should give up their occupation of the mainland and reunify under Taiwanese rule.


This is kinda off topic, don’t you think?


welcome to the community; it’s what we do :joy:


Alright, thanks. After a while I found a free one that managed to work.

ProtonVPN, needed a restart tho, otherwise it doesnt work at all


Thanks, I’ve got it through HolaVPN, managing to do so with the Hong Kong option.


All those youtubers promoting them VPNs and it turns out they’re the scariest thing out there.
Banning our accounts. Killing our women. Raping our livestock.



Thanks, @SeekerSupreme :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


The perfect meme of this post :laughing:


It’s not about whose territory it belongs. It’s about where the people of HK feel they belong to. So far I can see, there is a huge population who welcome the rules of China, but so is the population who against it. It’s a really tied race between both parties. Just like in US right now XD

Sadly though it’s very hard to find out the truth these days.


no, that’s not how it works

and it has never worked that way in history, not anywhere

their situation is not different from any other region in the world which has separatist ideas

there was a deal with the UK for 99 years, and those 99 years came to an end, nothing more to it

it’s rly weird that someone actually has to explain these things given how simple it all is