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Well, history also tells you that it’s the choice of the people which will prevail. No matter it’s independence, e.g. Ukraine, or reunion, e.g. Germany.


sure, eventually, possibly, maybe

the Roman empire lasted for 1000 years, for example, regardless of whether its subjects agreed or disagreed, but eventually those peoples got their independence, 30 generations later or so, silver lining i guess


The deal hasn’t technically come to an end tho (2047), China didn’t keep it’s promises (in fact it has being trying to claw at Hong Kong’s freedoms for years hence many protests) and I’m sure Hong Kong would have been happy continuing to be part of China if their freedoms were not just taken away. People have lived their whole lives without most of the interference from China (though they never had real democracy) and yet now they are being told to change, it’s all very funny. Their courts are not fair so people don’t want to go there.
People just want their civil rights really. Mainland Chinese people not in Hong Kong have become used to the lack of freedom (to which most Chinese people have to shrug their shoulders too) which even in their country are trying to still errode through more surveillance tech, though at least due to the incompetence the technology is not quite used well.
In Mainland China people don’t get to openly criticise the CCP and it’s wrong doings. Hong Kong will change very much.
So many people want to or have left (some people have been stopped), though some stay and there are those who are pro China too.
And some people are getting arrested for things in support, they opened a helpline of sorts just to arrest people. Protesting is now seen as a criminal act and has been dealt with brutally. Actually speaking out for the Hong Kong movement is criminal itself even in another country according to the laws that have been implemented.

And after this they want to go after Taiwan which isn’t even really a part of China. It’s just where a lot of the exiled government went. They actually have democracy over there and they culturally are not just Chinese but a mix of things. It seems China wants to seize power in Taiwan. Hong Kong was like the shield against that for Taiwan.


all valid points, but none of it changes the fact that Hong Kong is part of China regardless

I have no problem whatsoever with criticizing wrongdoing, but just like the oppressed are entitled to their rights (and so the oppressor should be criticized [or more than that, when possible/suitable]), so are the oppressor entitled to their rights as well (two wrongs dont make a right)


They are still a region of their own though in a sense and the people are free to act and protest, lobby etc. Even if it is technically against the law. Many Hong Kong people are proud to be Hong Kong Chinese rather than just Hong Kong and don’t feel affliation. At the end of the day it is more about power and such, rights and such are just a way for them to justify it, even if the people do not want to be such.

Most colonies were encouraged to be returned on an international level especially through UN.
But Hong Kong was a always an outlier in the sense that people didn’t really want it to go back to China, they knew it wouldn’t be good for the people. But the ending of the contract (which technically only covered part of the territory) and the growing power of China forced UK to make a deal to maintain Hong Kong freedoms for as long as possible.

The whole operation is a way to squash freedom within Hong Kong and also actually a blip within the Chinese system. If Chinese people see that democracy can work then that is not good for CCP.
I don’t think China have freedom to oppress people and people are entitled to carry on protesting against the even outside the country.

I also do not think it is wrong organisations intervening in Hong Kong for reasons such as Human rights, helping people out the country etc. I’m not saying imo that someone should go and seize Hong Kong back.
But I don’t consider what happened a good thing by far. Hong Kong was doing much better before economically but that isn’t what matters to China as much as their control.

I think it is also a bit hypocritical for China to say stop meddling in our affairs when China spends so much time meddling in the affairs of others.

I think it highlights what goes on really in China and how it may be wise to be wary when using services which have ties to China or supporting them economically.

Yeah I would say though I don’t really think Hong Kong can become independent but you can’t really blame such people for not wanting to be part of China, but I think in most cases people just want more rights and democracy. Rather than not be China.


Tried VPN for China etc and the older threads for switching to mobile mode in browser etc. No dice on this giveaway. It ends tomorrow.


Aw noo :c China VPN on mobile worked for me


@Danacscott The mobile trick doesn’t work with this one.
I’ve just checked and it still works with VPN, so you might want to fiddle with cookies or different gateways if you still want it.


Edit: Used Hola VPN suggested on Epicbundle page and it worked, even with the free version.


Works with the free Urban VPN Chrome browser extension via their Taiwan server when you use the form within the linked page to log in.