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I thought 6 years was acceptable, but I apologize.

Of course we can trust the American Pyrotechnics Association to have a more up to date map.


:thinking: oh look, only 4 states left stuck in the 1600s Puritans grasp with “no fun allowed” :wink: :smile:
:fireworks: :sparkler: argh witchcraft witchcraft! burn them on the stake! :scream:


Hey, my home state doesn’t allow purchase or use of the ‘big’ fireworks for individual use, that always seemed a sound policy to me… Let’s not mock sounds practices.


those up there don’t say “big fireworks” tho, they specifically either say total ban, or only the “birthday stuff”, sparklers and novelty items, which (as i’d read it) means no regular safe consumer rockets, roman candles, fountains, etc etc, all “the fun” but regular stuff/beautiful awesome looking “booms” ? :thinking: #BuzzKillStates :smile:






It took me too long to get this :joy:


I really don’t want to see this thread die, so I’ll repost something I made today.

A few days ago, Mellow (awesome streamer and part of JustFansOf, a really cool group Twitch channel I found during Mellow’s ELEX stream) was playing Tekken on stream against viewers. After he quit to play Rivals of Aether, he accidentally said “Tennis 7” while talking about it… and I took things way too far.

Callout to @delenn13 for a great meme, I never would have thought of making this video without seeing that.




Good stuff man! Seriously though an actual Tekken Tennis game mode would be rad. They already brought back Tekken Ball in TTT2 but I need more dumb sports in my fighting games.
On a side note I still haven’t bought T7 since they removed Roger, I will never forget that. I will probably pick it up dirt cheap eventually…:ok_hand:t2:


Yeah, I never cared much for Tekken prior to 7 and know practically nothing about the series. We always had Tekken 2 for PS1, but my actual first fighting game ended up being Soul Blade-- I never played Tekken myself. I’ve only ever played 3 (VERY recently) and 7, which I got for about $33 a while back.

I’m glad it ended up being fun, but I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m waiting for a proper successor to Soulcalibur IV. The moment SCVI drops, I’ll probably never look back. I’m looking forward to dropkicking and stomping Geralt in a true next-gen Nightmare experience.


I grew up on Tekken and bought all games before 7. I know 7 is good but I would feel worse if I payed good money for the game.
At this point I don’t have much faith in them tbh. They bothered me with Pokkén when they kept making characters for the arcade version, can I have them? Nah Buy a whole new game years later for just a few characters. (I will admit that this was probably mostly Nintendo)
Then there’s Roger in T7, supposedly removed as not to piss off animal rights extremists. I wouldn’t have cared if he wasn’t in the game in the first place but knowing I’m getting less content for no reason…
The lack of one dumb kangaroo is enough to ruin a good game for me.
/sorry for the shitty rant


I really don’t understand that reasoning to leave out Roger. Aren’t Pandas endangered?

I mean, if Roger was important enough to be the icon for Tekken 2’s save file, it seems like a real travesty to leave him out. Roger was the one character I knew from Tekken before playing 7. I knew he wasn’t there, but I figured it was for other [dumb] reasons. With Panda and Kuma in the game, it seems almost hypocritical to cut him out.

Bears, bears, and more bears!

Yeah you’d think they would care more about a panda and a grizzly bear being kept as pets and fighting for their owners.


y sadly he passed away


What episode is that xd**[quote=“Madway, post:15, topic:5673, full:true”]




At this point if @Twistedgerm stopped posting Spongebob memes I’m not sure my brain could handle it…


Season 1, ep 10 A flight to remember.

In case its not clear its edited and the original context was changed.

Also its only a flashback.


Thank you my dude



The plan is all coming together…