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Memes, Memes Everywhere




Wake me up…


I don’t want this thread to dieeeeee




looooooooooooooooool, from hero to villain in 0.3 sec


Thanks Jimmy and Obama!


I saw this and immediately thought of our @kylehayman361


oh no… I’ve been sussed…


NSFW! I apologize in advance but I couldn’t help myself!

Just for @harith.

Bitch, I’m a cow! Say MOOOO!


hm, y i dont do nsfw stuff though, so i’ll pass


What are you doing on the internet?!

jk, each one to their own


doing non-nsfw shit, rofl, it’s not like there’s no other options


No joke, Doja Cat is great. Love her sound.

You should check out:


Hey @harith, read this…it’s about the video you won’t watch. It says “(The video is a tad NSFW, thanks to a close-up on a pair of anime breasts that repeats in the background.)” They are clothed but they bounce A LOT!!! I was worried more about ppl at work and someone going by and seeing them bounce. It’s a cartoon though…

If you decide then…I am cool…I respect your wishes.:sunglasses:


well, in general, i don’t watch music vids, and i don’t watch women dancing either :slight_smile: first of all due to religious convictions, and secondly because the key to a happy marriage is to not do what bothers your better half, though most ppl might not get that, but then again, it’s not their problem either

anyways, there’s plenty of stuff for everyone to enjoy themselves the way they choose to online and in the real world


Very true! My husband is 5 years YOUNGER than me. Guys my age can’t keep up with me…LOL I just told him, "You can look at the menu; I don’t mind. But I don’t want to hear about the restaurant and make sure you eat at home!!!

Anyways, Kudos for your beliefs. I respect that.:+1:t2:



Wouldn’t that just be SFW? Double negatives in acronym form are always never something I have issues with every time.


it would, y, but i wasn’t sure SFW was a thing by itself actually, so that’s why i kept it that way


SFW is very much a thing when you’re browsing stuff that is borderline on porn.