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Memes, Memes Everywhere


that just goes to show how unfamiliar I am with all that stuff, rofl, i don’t go on reddit either


Literally me yesterday at my cousins birthday…i died on the inside for sure…it happens too much shakes head


I respect your decisions based on your beliefs. Just out of curiosity, did you ever watch Strictly Ballroom? It’s Baz Luhrmann’s first movie, and it really showcases some wonderful dancing. Not the modern day dance scenes that you get to watch someone’s feet for 2 seconds, then cut to the face to 2 seconds, with constant shifts. This really captures some nice feats of athleticism and pure dance.

If you haven’t, and don’t want to, just ignore me. Cheers!


I love that plot synopsis…

Darn it Tony, you’re a darn good dancer, but you’re a loose cannon. That is the third routine that is going to fall through the cracks because you had to go out on your own and try and upstage everyone. I have the brass and the press both on my case asking for answers… I don’t know what I am going to tell them but clean up your act on your going to be tapping your way out of here. YOUR A THREAT TO EVERYONE IN THIS DEPARTMENT! YOU HEAR ME TONY? EVERYONE!!


My fav quote from a dancing movie:

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”


nah havent, and wont, lol, but i did see Moulin Rouge (with McGregor and Kidman) back in the day, which i think was his too if i remember right, I used to be a huge movie buff, even hoped I’d make a career in that industry, but not anymore, lol


If I remember correctly, this one features a lot more straight up dancing and less of the other stuff… But totally fine if you don’t want to see it. :slight_smile: Yes, Moulin Rouge was his as well. :slight_smile:

I was never a movie buff, and never will be. I rarely sit back to watch movies.


A much more entertaining variant on this line can be found here:

Regrettably it does not onebox…

Got it.

All credit to Kate Beaton and her webcomic ‘Hark A Vagrant’.


This probably my favorite from this series of pet bamboozling

Also I love birbs





“Remember remember the somethingth Octvember,
a publisher’s treasonous plot…”

:thinking: :face_with_head_bandage: :man_facepalming:No preorders! :+1:


I don’t get it, why are you a terrible person?


Because I look at the videos of people marching in hatred, anger and rage… and I have a little voice in my head saying “look at those cute little lights, don’t they remind you of all the nice times you had sitting around a patio?” Given that the photograph in question involves actions that I in no way advocate or endorse, my response, given my background, would seem to indicate otherwise.

I feel like this is the equivalent of watching the ASPCA footage (everyone knows the one) and laughing… imagery that was clearly made and curated to evoke a particular emotion has provoked entirely the wrong response from me.






YouTube announced their new sponsor just in time.