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Memes, Memes Everywhere


lol, stop withdrawing funny shit dude


hehe it just didn’t turn out as intended, was meant to be a “cross thread reply” to kyle’s reminder of good reason to play dark souls offline :blush:


Weird Al singing All Star, seems like enough of a meme to me. Sometimes I like to think back to a simpler time when All Star was just a good song and not the meme theme of the Shrek church.
His Billy Idol at 7:36 was damn good as well.


that man has not nearly enough grammys to his name :triumph: it’s a real travesty, the system is obviously fixed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

also, best All Star cover obviously made by a puertorican dunkey:



tuesdays tryin’ to act like it’s monday


Already all out of energy and Wednesday『Worst Day』is still tomorrow


I feel like that every Monday morning…





Good ol’ Article 13. Typical of Europe, always screwing around. World War 1 - Europe screwing around. World War 2 - Europe screwing around. I can’t find the TV remote - Europe screwing around.

Luckily, I live in Australia. If It all goes to pot, I shall meme in your honour.


I love Wednesday memes and I should probably wait til next Wednesday to post this but I only saw your post now and it’s stronger than me:




The only time I want to hear that cursed word is if you’re referring to The Addams Family.


God, I should have realized that hidden arrow was a trap.


:no_mouth: …dat’s not how i remember Wednesday :open_mouth:


No traps here, genuine article.


Gnuffi says it best



Perhaps not but it is a Wednesday we can all get behind.


I see what you did there.