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normally this would be inappropriate
but since it’s literally the topic of the thread

“don’t blame the gamer, blame the equipment”


Alright, I’mma call a truce right here just to make sure nobody says something that somebody can pull out of context five years from now.



Who is Roseanne?


Don’ worry about it.


wait, why the heck is that gif “broken”? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Because you threw the pc out the window?




sry dudes but that isn’t true, u can’t call a black person an ape and say that that isn’t racist because everyone is familiar with the racist connotation of that idea, how about using the N-word then in relation to a black person and saying that u don’t mean anything by it and that whoever associates that with racism is the one who linked it to that person’s race?

That would be the same thing, only more extreme…


and that isn’t true, look at all the shit O’Reilly pulled before he was fired, u must understand that they don’t actually fire these ppl due to their actions, they only fire them because the public outcry reflects negatively on their brand and they risk losing viewers and sponsors and shit, so if there hadn’t been any outcry about this tweet she wouldn’t have been fired this time either man; i shouldn’t have to actually explain this


I have to say that I’m on the same page as harith here, and it’s because of the world we live in to a certain extent. Certain terms have indelible connotations these days, and linking apes or monkeys to a group of people, or terrorists to another group is something that of course will create ire. There’s no way of knowing if she was indeed making a racist comment, but she should have known that it’s not a large stretch of the imagination to interpret it as such. And personally I believe that any celebrity, entertainer or sportsman should be held to a higher standard…in that regard she shouldn’t have been making any kind of derogatory statement on a public feed in the first place.



WARNING: Political nonsense below. I do not want to take a stance on this, and thus I will not. I am attempting, rather, to be as neutral as possible, and would like to avoid further discussion as much as possible. Please resume meming at your earliest convenience.

I completely agree with that. My own opinion is that whether its meaning was racial or not is irrelevant-- it was an INCREDIBLY stupid thing to say. The only response I can think of is that if you know you’re drowsy, you should have the sense to put your phone away before you say something you’ll regret. If you have even the SLIGHTEST concern that what you’re saying could be taken the wrong way, you’d better doublecheck it… especially if it’s an original post. You can at least have the excuse that you got led into saying something if it was a reply… but just sending a tweet on your own time? You’d better think twice.

Either way, I don’t approve of either side-- the people who have been gunning for a character assassination since day 1, or the person who sent out the incredibly stupid message. I’d like to give Roseanne the benefit of the doubt… but that doesn’t mean she did something smart.

With all that said… can we go back to meming?




Thanks Everyone!:+1::+1::+1:


saved by clipping :rofl:


I looked so long for this video, so long. SO LONG.

@PeteMcc + all aussies. + @Eidos for mentioning their national anthem in the other thread.



Can’t wait


Khajit has Gamebryo multiplayer support… if you have coin.


Dark Souls newcomer PvP pov

what they/vets see

what (i)/you see



lol, stop withdrawing funny shit dude