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Lottery 1: Copoka, Cthulhu Realms, HoPiKo, Tick's Tale, Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, Hover, Full Metal Furies


I took a look but didn’t understand anything XD



Seems like an interesting idea! Let’s see how we go.


That’s how complicated computing dates can be!


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This is a cool implementation, I like! Hope it’s not too complicated on your end , especially considering how quickly you are putting these giveaways out! :open_mouth:

Also, thanks to all who have provided prizes, much appreciated! <3


So weird to see those two doing American accents! :open_mouth: :laughing:
I think I’ve seen this film, but don’t really recall this bit… Is there a sequel?


No sequel that I’m aware of. I’d watch it every other day if there was! Lol


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RIP Kakyoin.

Thanks again for another giveaway, but I’m a bit confused about one aspect. Since not everyone wants all the games, if the person in fourth or fifth no longer wants any of the remaining games, would it just carry on to sixth place and onwards?


Good question :+1:

If you’re picking from just a couple of the remaining prizes and you are not interested in playing any of the options available to you, it’s acceptable to decline your prize. In such a case, the next highest score will be offered the choice of the remaining prize(s).


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Just over 12 hours remaining :hourglass:

I’m excited to see how this one plays out :grimacing:

I’ve done a little work on the poker game giveaway and will probably prototype that this upcoming week!


Guess I’m gonna need to actually learn to play poker…




Thanks for the lottery @ohko! What a cool idea! :grin: And awesome job on all the raffles and now this!
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We have all just became gamblers.


I know how to play poker, just to add once again, I am happy I don’t have to show my poker face. :no_mouth:


I’m thinking it will be more like a “poker” lottery ticket. Something like 5-card stud. I’m thinking you’ll choose two (2) cards and at the time of drawing, five (5) common will be drawn. Entrants will be ranked by highest scoring poker hand and then prizes will be given out sequentially. I don’t think it will be possible to implement a wagering mechanic. Because most people will want to pick aces though, I have to change it somehow otherwise everyone will pick the same cards.


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