Lottery 1: Copoka, Cthulhu Realms, HoPiKo, Tick's Tale, Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, Hover, Full Metal Furies

Thanks A Lottery :gem:

The chronies voted in the poll and decided it would be fun to play a lottery giveaway – so welcome and thanks for visiting my first edition of the game :raised_hands:

Code of honour

This is an all-inclusive lottery where everyone has a fair chance at winning a prize. Winners will be selected by a fair dice roll provided by @discobot. Cheaters and fraudsters are not allowed and will be disqualified.

Every participant in this thread is here to carry out a smooth lottery. This process involves considerable work and if you want me to keep running these, please help me uphold the code of honour.


This is a prototype, so please be patient with us as we iron out the wrinkles.

  1. Copoka (Steam)
  2. Cthulhu Realms (Steam)
  3. HoPiKo (Steam)
  4. Tick’s Tales (Steam) – sponsored by @Danacscott
  5. Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim (Steam) – sponsored by @Danacscott
  6. Hover (Steam) – sponsored by @RaccoonV
  7. Full Metal Furies (Steam) – sponsored by @RaccoonV


If your account is less than one (1) week old, you must perform the following actions -

  1. Upload an avatar
  2. Write something in your About Me section
  3. Earn the Certified badge by completing the new user tutorial. Every member receives their first PM from @discobot - check your inbox for details.
  4. Earn any other five (5) other badges

How to enter


  1. From the ten (10) choices above, copy three (3) unique foods and paste them into your post. These choices in no way relate to the listed prizes.

  2. Order your choices in a way you feel is the “most lucky,” or any order reasoning you prefer. Order matters but winning a lottery is pure luck.

The Draw

At the end of the lottery, three (3) unique food will be drawn and compared against your three (3) ordered choices to score your entry.

The scoring section below is mostly there so y’all can know how the entries are ranked after the drawing. But it’s not necessary to understand as this is all done with the lottery program. A lottery is all luck, and different from the raffle which lets you control your fate a bit more (by choosing where your tickets go). In this, you just pick 3 unique foods and order them – if you’re lucky to score, then you will choose a prize before other entrants that scored lower than you. However, if all the prizes are picked before it was your turn to choose, it means your score was not high enough to win a prize.


  • Everyone starts with a base score of 1
  • An in-order match multiplies score by ×3
  • An out-of-order match multiplies score by ×2
  • A non-match multiplies score by ×1

Scoring Example 1

If the lottery drawing is –


And your entry is –


You will score –

  • A base score of 1 - everyone starts here
  • A multiplier of ×2 for matching your :carrot: out of order
  • A multiplier of ×3 for matching your :taco: in order
  • A multiplier of ×1 for not matching your :kiwi_fruit:
  • A total score of 1×2×3×1, which is 6

Scoring Example 2

If the lottery drawing is –


And your entry is –


You will score –

  • A base score of 1 - everyone starts here
  • A multiplier of ×1 for not matching your :carrot:
  • A multiplier of ×1 for not matching your :taco:
  • A multiplier of ×2 for matching the :grapes: out of order
  • A total score of 1×1×1×2, which is 2

Scoring Example 3

If the lottery drawing is –


And your entry is –


You will score –

  • A base score of 1 - everyone starts here
  • A multiplier of ×3 for matching your :kiwi_fruit: in order
  • A multiplier of ×3 for matching your :hamburger: in order
  • A multiplier of ×1 for not matching your :cherries:
  • A total score of 1×3×3×1, which is 9

Scoring Table

Below is a table of possible scores. The lowest possible score is 1×1×1 for 1. The highest possible score is 3×3×3 for 27.

unmatched (×1) out-of-order (×2) in-order (×3) total score
3 0 0 1
2 1 0 2
2 0 1 3
1 2 0 4
1 1 1 6
0 3 0 8
1 0 2 9
0 2 1 12
0 0 3 27


  • All entrants will be ranked by score and the top seven (7) scores will get to pick a prize. Your scoring position determines the order you will pick a prize in –
    • First place gets first pick
    • Second place gets second pick
    • Third place gets the third pick…
    • And so on, until there are no prizes remaining.
  • I will contact the first place winner via PM, ask them which prize they’d like, then move on to second place, then third, and so on…
  • Entry submission time will be used to resolve score ties - an earlier entry gets scored higher


  • The lottery begins now
  • The lottery ends on Apr 8 at 9:00 AM (PDT)
  • Entries are locked after the :game_die: appear. You can edit your entries up until this point
  • After the drawing, winners will receive a PM to claim their prize
  • Unclaimed prizes will reclaimed after 24 hours

Have fun

If you have any questions, just ask and someone should be happy to help you. Best of luck to all who enter :four_leaf_clover:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Ok this looks fun, thanks for running it. Here’s my draw then:
:ramen: :doughnut: :taco:

and now I’m hungry.
Good luck everyone.


Thanks for entering! It’s definitely going to be easier for people to enter this giveaway, but it was surprisingly difficult to articulate the scoring method. Does it make decent sense? Luckily contestants don’t actually have to understand that to participate… :sweat_smile:


When I started reading the post I was wondering how you were going to be pulling this off, there’s so many different “lotteries” out there that I was not really clear on what your suggestion at the poll would turn into.

I found it made perfect sense and I think it will work, works a little like betting on horses or sports events. I just don’t have to put any cash into it. I can’t see any additional weird rules that could have amusing misinterpretations either. Very straight forward and simple.


:mushroom::cherries: :sushi:

Go Team Red!
against all odds

The algorythm is fairer than in many offline lotteries, I think. Thanks for the giveaway!


I had to increase the odds of winning otherwise everyone scores a 1 and then we resort to using timestamp for tie-breaking every entry – which wouldn’t be an interesting result.

Thanks for entering :v:


I like the timestamp winning idea. Lets do that one!


I just realized the lottery game can have an open prize pool. Meaning we could add prizes as the lottery goes on. We could not do this with the raffle because tickets were allocated to numbered prizes, and adding a prize would mean everyone who already entered would need to edit their entry. With the lottery game, we just have more winners!

If someone wants to contribute a key or more to this round, please reach out here or in a PM and we can collectively turn up the sweetness :phone:


:rofl: well in the event of a tie, you have the first entry so you’re in good shape!


:cherries: :grapes: :kiwi_fruit:

Thanks for the giveaway @ohko and was about to ask what if two people pick the same options but then I finished reading :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck to everyone! :raised_hands:


:ramen: :sushi: yellow + red = :carrot: xD have a nice day all and lets the games begins


:sushi: :taco: :grapes:

This is a bit like a fruit machine lol




:hamburger: :kiwi_fruit: :doughnut:


Thank you for including vegetarian options!


Its not really hard to understand, even if I was very confused…….

:doughnut: :carrot: :mushroom:


:hamburger: :carrot: :taco:
Yum lol
I just noticed… there’s no pizza?!?




Great balanced meal :smiley:

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