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It's Coming - Borderlands 3


I know I shouldn’t be, but for some reason I am excited to play through an "updated’ BL1, because there were so many quality of life and general improvements between 1 and 2 (not to mention some smoothness changes between 2 and 3.5).

Welp, looks like I get to go back through all 3 games again.


is it just me or does it seem like it’s not “enhanced version” -but merely a texture pack for the original game (as “feared”) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: -at least i aint seeing separate entries for bl2 or pre sequel, only bl1


:rofl: ahaha damn talk about salt… i will never understand that heroin additc "must have day 1"gamer mentality -just f’n wait, or skip entirely :man_shrugging:
THERE IS NO GOD!muh game i wanz aint weres i liking :pouting_cat:


I don’t even have a separate entry for 1 actually, just the name changed to BL1 GOTY


I’ve got Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, so there should be separate entries o:


yep yep, i do now too, thx for calling that to my attention! I didn’t have that earlier.


They had said they made updates to the map, co-op quest and included customization…

Plus gold chests (so we win some and we loose some)




i think that Randy guy did insinuate it would only be for 6 months or so, which i think is kind of ok





It’s enough to piss me off because everything will be all over the internet by then.


Don’t worry we all know

Your info is in the best of hands.


oh wait that’s illegal


Whelp, I have now put in about 8 hours on Borderlands GOTY Remastered. So that means you are now able to hear my opinion.

The Good:
The new graphics look nice, and even if you don’t meet the minimum requirements to run, the game is still an improvement graphically over borderlands 1.
The fact it was free since I owned the original is nice, and I like that if you buy the GOTY remastered it gives you both the remastered and the original version (allowing players to go back to the ‘core version’ if they want). This point alone probably discounts most of my negative points.
You can import characters from BL1, and the game is very generous in doing so… I am quite pleased that I don’t need to grind up another lv 54 character.
Minimap addition was a freaking godsend, although the same compass from BL 1 is still located under the XP bar (not quite sure why, but if you liked the compass it is still available).

The improved item drop rate is quite noticeable and makes sure that the game experience is markedly better since you will have more items that are worth looking at rather than everything being trash. (If you were going to try and grind out the achievements for the Collect X items in Claptrap’s Robolution I would recommend doing it on the Remastered version).

I almost forgot that everyone went crazy over the expanded options… Fov sliders etc. I didn’t use them for the most part.

The Bad:
The gold chests… I haven’t used them but I just don’t enjoy the dynamic it sets up, gold chests annoyed the heck out of me in 2.
The adjustments to co-op play are not to make co-op play the same as in BL2 (where a joined character of higher level could both complete quests and see objectives, albiet for greatly reduced XP), making helping a friend reach your level more of a chore than I would have liked (see aforementioned level 54 who wanted friends to help fight raid bosses, but instead is less than useless in giving quest advice or remembering how to do stuff)

The sort of bad: If you liked Borderlands 1’s characters and most importantly the skill trees, you won’t have any issues in the Remastered. However, I think that borderlands has had plenty of experience improving upon the skill trees and although I wasn’t shocked to see no change to any of the characters, I was still unimpressed at how bland Roland continues to play. Additionally, the enemies and environments of BL haven’t been changed beyond the texture quality, so if you liked the dynamic and organic behavior of the BL2 enemies (with more interactions between allied creatures) you still won’t find that here.

The Buggy:
The game still has a few hiccups and abrupt stops… plenty of disconnections and issues finding/joining other players games while playing co-op. A particularly unwholesome bugbear came in the form of the minimap (a tremendous improvement onto the original game) being a blank circle until loading the full map (with m) when traveling to a new location.

Additionally, if you play co-op the game automatically has your mic on in the lobby, nothing short of muting any other players will prevent it, if the sound is on and you have another VOIP, it is incessant annoyance and you will still transmit no matter the options you set.

So final verdict: It is a remastered Borderlands 1, in a prettier dress and done up right, but underneath it all, it is still Borderlands 1.
If you preferred Borderlands 2 for a smoother, better fleshed out and more like-able cast, with focus on showing not making the players read the story coupled with a more dynamic experience. You still will prefer Borderlands 2 for that reason.


gold chests was fn stupid, even in bl2, more so on PC :man_facepalming:
getting a 1use (“rare”?) key to give a purple could be fine, except, the fn lvl scaling makes it utterly worthless (most people using them immediately it seems) making you swap it for greens or blues few levels after
so either you have this key you “can’t”/shouldn’t use until you’re done lvling or seriously struggling(somehow?) and need a better item -which will then be wasted later, and potentially stupid op the initial moment you get it…
overall piss poor mechanic and just seemed like it might have been something they added more than commercial engagement but potentially eyeing a mtx opening there maybe but just never “dared” to commit to that route for it.
can’t see why they’d bother to add that to bl1 :thinking:


It doesn’t hurt the game, it doesn’t help the game. Shift is simply an out-of-game mechanic for gearbox to instantly get a million twitter followers. You can safely ignore it, to nobody’s detriment, if it raises your blood pressure.

Thanks for reporting back to us. The minimap and bulk-pickup are major QoL improvements, though my main gripe with BL1 was the dearth of fast-travel stations combined with constant need to backtrack. So while I don’t plan on reinstalling it anytime soon, I do appreciate that the upgrades were made.

I will likely play BL2 again soon, though. So far I’ve just started it up in order to see the improved visuals. To be honest I can’t tell much of a difference, which is completely fine as I’m not playing for the graphics. Mostly it seems to me that the texture quality has all been brought up to the same level. So while before there were places were the textures looked good (most objects) and places where they looked bad (very noticeable on the few textures with “handwriting”), now it all looks about the same quality (given my small sample size). Honestly I’m just happy one of my favorite games continues to receive some TLC.

Now, this I don’t quite understand. That is, I’m aware that other people seem to enjoy the “endgame” content, but I don’t really grok it. For me, taking a character up through the levels is the fun part. Once I get to the top, I take a break, and when I come back I start a new one. I think I’ll be starting on something like my eighth Maya.


hardly :smile: it’s just silly/stupid and pointless is all, to then add it to bl1 seems to then just make an even more non-nonsensical decision (imo)
ie not exactly a choice that makes me go “dang those gearbox folks really are savvy, i better keep an eye on what mind altering concepts they think of next” :wink:
like i said, even if egregious, it at least would have made “some” sense as mtx -and ofc on PC it makes even less sense to bother including, with sht like physical save duping, CE(probably?), willowtree gibbed etc etc
and i get it’s for the commercial engagement, still doesn’t make it seem less silly futile and :roll_eyes: to me, since, imo it wasn’t implemented well with the balancing/scaling and all that adding to the overall sense of :confounded:


I don’t remember how many keys I have… and whether they are on PS3/PC or both…


yea i only ever used the shiftcodes for the cosmetics :smile:
used the starter keys that came with my version, which was how i tested the whole chest system out back then, neeeever bothered with the keys again :expressionless:
the cosmetic shift codes i was a sucker for tho, “hats, the people need more hats” :face_with_monocle:


I was actually working on a character, so I got to carry over my progress.