It's Coming - Borderlands 3

I mean, duh, but it’s getting confirmed more officially now


Bold of you to assume we need any game other than Halo MCC + Reach/ODST.


walmart spoiler in 2017 so many games


Yesssssss, looking forward to it!


didn’t we already have BL3 ? Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Steam
and BL3.5 ? Battleborn on Steam


alrighty, i’m curious if i’ll be jumping in to this game, i did like the first 2 very much, but never bothered for their next ones
also, how much DLC this timy Randy ? :thinking:


Quantity of DLC will likely be in proportion to the popularity of the game and longevity of the creating group. Probably you can count on at least two level increase DLCs, two character DLCs, and a side story DLC if they stick with the existing formulas.

Honestly BL1 didn’t impress me much, mostly I think due to the lack of fast travel stations making getting around a huge waste of time. A handful of DLC. BL2 is one of my favorite games, helped by a charismatic villain and a really fun mix of vault hunters (just ignore the plot holes you could park a Buzzard in). Butt-ton of DLC because errybody done luved it, so they kept cranking it out. BLTPS (which was BL1.5) was mostly fun, though it suffered from poor level design and went a bit overboard on the Australia-specific humor. So less popular than BL2 and then 2K Australia went under, meaning only a handful of DLC again.

So like I said, if it’s good and the creators are still around, I think you can expect a lot of DLC because it pays off for them. And as far as DLC goes, the BL franchise does a good job of making it optional and then putting it into great bundles down the line. The level increase DLCs may feel like a cash grab, but the story add-ons have been a treat and are definitely worth the price of admission. It’s not like they pulled chunks out of the main story and decided to sell them to you separately like some games.


i mean, i own all the games so i’m not in doubt to any of that
my take was more in the sense of “might it get (even) worse” -or will they be “gracious” and just stick with the previous dlc schemes :thinking:
because like you mention, shelling out for the TVHM etc already was a biiit on the :money_mouth_face: side of things imo too,
even the skin dlc was a bit pricey for what you got, but ofc optional tho.
2k just hasn’t exactly been “decent” lately in terms of what they are willing to put in their games in terms of monetization, tho might not extend to the BL series and just “sports”


Forget the DLCs, how about Epic Exclusiveness?



Hmm, my response would be:
"Hey, I want to sell a console game, but Gamestop isn’t giving me a fair share. I’m only going to sell it exclusively at Walmart because they gave me a deal.

See how stupid it sounds?"


Total exclusivity is bad for business because there will always be launcher-loyal fans. The Epic game store hasn’t been around long enough to see it, but I suspect that if you give it enough time, we will likely see that “exclusive” just means “exclusive at launch.” Only time will tell.

The PC launcher exclusive debate is also a lot less serious than the console exclusive firestorm. Having to download one more launcher is far more convenient than having to buy another console if you really want a game.

I know there are a few “master launchers” out there, but I haven’t gotten to the point of trying any of them out yet.


yeah DLCs were plenty and they were pricy, too, but if you wait you’ll be able to get the GOTY with all the extras for like 15€, that’s why I’ve never had an issue with the countless DLCs.

I just hope they spare us the community codes and email codes and special twitter codes to get OP gear at any time, such bullshit.

Anyway, I feel I’ve had enough Borderlands with B2, TPS just bored the shit outta me and I doubt they’ll be able to improve B3 to the point that I’ll be excited to spend big bucks on it.

Just for the record, I have 28h on B1, 67h on B2 and hardly 0.5h on TPS :joy:


I agree that #2 was the best, plot notwithstanding. But I believe it would be quite possible to sell me on BL3.
I believe I might be more of the target audience than you are…

Though let’s be clear, nobody has to spend “big bucks” on any game. If you’re willing to wait a few years for games, not only can you get almost anything for $5, but you save a bundle from not needing upgrade your computer nearly as often.


Yaaaaaaaaaaas can’t wait!!


Only saw this now and looking forward as well! Thanks for the news. I find Borderlands to be super fun with friends. :blush:


I loved BL1 (257h on Steam, plus another 40+ on PS3), but didn’t care for BL2, I only finished it to avoid having yet another unfinished game lying around. Uninstalled it as soon as I finished (60h) even though I still had DLC I could’ve played. I found BL2’s environments dull, and I didn’t care for the story or characters. The Pre-Sequel seemed more similar to BL2 than BL1, so I never got it.

I’m curious about BL3 but it’s definitely one I’ll have to watch and read a bunch of reviews of, to see whether it brings back any of what I loved about BL1 and does away with the things that made BL2 a chore.


don’t tease me cao! :cow: :triumph:

-any bets as to gearbox blowing the budget just on this vid and having to outsource parts to china again? :rofl:


~It’s almost here - Borderlands 3~

Schedule (all times EDT)

  • 10:30 AM: Storytime Session
  • 11:30 AM: Penny Arcade Q&A #1
  • 2:00 PM: Gearbox Main Theater Show
  • 4:30 PM: Comedy in Games: Hosted by Justin Roiland of Squanch Games
  • 8:30 PM: Dice, Camera - Live!

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You forgot a bullet point in that schedule.

  • 8:25 Epic store exclusivity announcement.

even if i liked borderlands, flaws and all, i still refuse to get hype for anything Randy is attached to, out of caution.