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It's Coming - Borderlands 3


Perfectly understandable, in that case. Do carry on!


felt like i’d share one of the usual Randy musings


and i love how people are so confused they had to "clarify"

cosmetics =/= mtx, 2019 what a grand age to be alive in :stuck_out_tongue:


how stupid is he? just look at the amount of dlc they had for BL2 lol [applause]


tbh i was more surprised they ditched the cosmetics milking in the pre-sequel
but that Randy can in his own world(the only place he obviously lives), with a straight face say “no mtx” -because not considering the cosmetics/bl2 “dlc” mtx, and the next day (obviously) announce said “dlc”, is just too hilarious i think. That man is so far removed from reality it’s AAA lvls of funny these days :smile:


I just want to mention, that the new reworked edition of the first Borderlands is free to play this weekend.