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[initial post resolved] Possible new rank for trading?










lol, pig overload


It happens to the best of us @harith


Wow, this thread got out of hand towards the end… :smile:

Sorry to anyone who was worried because of me, I had a hell of a weekend at the job and at home, so my trade convo with CrazR kinda fell by the wayside… :confused:

Just wanna say that I really like this community, and though I’m still new to this, I wanna be a good and responsible member. I feel bad that my first major appearance here was in some negative headlines :see_no_evil:



You good, fam

Stuff happens. There’s still a number of people (CrazR included) that were holding out in hopes that it was just a misunderstanding, and… lo and behold.

Also… what’s this about a YouTube channel? I expect you to shill and drop a link to I can check that out. :wink:


@Vindace I wasn’t talking about a “Trader” rank as that makes trading a little too integral to the site. I just meant an “Ultra-Regular” or “Patron” rank… something higher than a mere Regular on the list, who was not only active and a good contributor to the site but just has something beyond that. I know some of you might not like this suggestion, but perhaps buying a Chrono deal at some point should be one of the steps towards this rank? You’d be far less likely to jump ship with a paid account than a free one, it’s the very same basic paywall that Valve uses for their own community features.


I have waited so long to use this at the perfect moment.


Ah I see what you’re saying.


There is a trading section on the Chrono discord, couldn’t we just refer any trades there instead of trying to add it to the site?


That sounds like a backward step - going from an open, persistent forum to a “chat” client? Doesn’t seem like that would make this more transparent.


LIAR, I know EXACTLY that you used this very same video before on Chrono!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, nah, not gonna use Discord, might as well use whatever other chat client then e.g. Telegram, WA etc…


ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they don’t know



Thanks for the interest, Captain :smile:

Here’s a link to my channel:

I do Let’s Plays and sometimes other things, and I wish I could upload way more often, but I tend to have a lot of shitty/busy phases like last weekend :see_no_evil:


Tell me about it. I’ve been working for two nights straight on a video in time for Devil May Cry HD Collection, and my computer crashed 80% of the way through the render. I’m literally fuming right now X( Youtubing sucks.

Opening up VEGAS right now to see if my project is still there… I feel like one of those people who dropped their iPhones face-down in public, having to flip over my phone while everyone is watching over their shoulder to see if it’s cracked.


@CptMold, sorry to hear about your disaster… Hopefully some or all of it was salvageable…


I think most of the project is there, but I was 80% of the way through rendering this thing. I was super proud of it, and now I’m missing out on any potential publicity while everyone is checking out the new HD collection.