[initial post resolved] Possible new rank for trading?

dude either ran off wt my keys or thinks he can ignore me after our unfinished trade so if somebody could try PMing him on Steam, that’d be mighty appreciated.

MattnessLP got back to me, got my key so everything’s good, he apparently had some extremely busy days :confused: :slight_smile:


omg wtf


It’s been over 48hs and he has def. been online at least twice in that time frame without responding anymore, sorry if I overreact over a small game, but it does piss me off when I’m left in the dark like this.


y my reaction is about what he’s doing man, not what yr saying


report him, but you probably won’t get the game back


and this is probably one of the reasons chrono didn’t wan’t a designated trading section… “trading drama”
also crazr, have you checked “his” friendslist, then maybe pm those in common with/on chrono/yours, -in private?

personally i’m not all that into public witch huntes like so… could maybe dissuade others/newcomers from using the forum :thinking:
(and also feel like “dats dem risks you take” when trading in such fashion-hence why there is steam “rep”/trade etc sites)

anyway, hope you get it sorted :+1:, before going “Craz(ie)R” :wink:
(sry for the pun, but dang did that seem like it could fit right there) :joy:


To be fair to the idea of trading, I’d have no problem at all trading with many of the people on these forums. Less so however, with someone who’s not particularly active or involved in the micro community we have here.


I know I know Gnuffi, am really not trying to witchhunt, I just wanna get his attention/hoping somebody has access to him…
and afaik I have no common friends with him, thus me asking here :confused:

I am still hoping he’s just constantly forgetting and overlooking the notifications and maybe his PC is acting up, idk

He even went first wt 2 of the 3 keys, I then sent the 2 he wanted…which is why this whole idea of a scam doesn’t really fit the scene. I can live wt the game being lost in Nirvana, but IN CASE that his intentions were bad, this might be a good thread to raise some awareness that you can get scammed anywhere. I’ve done a few trades here recently, none wt any issues, but a few guys sent their keys to me before I could even accept a deal, aka I did have plenty of opportunities to just run off. This is a very friendly community, but that doesn’t make it fail-safe.


me too,
would like to see this resolved, so you don’t end up with a “lost” trade
(bad trades is why, the very few times, when i trade now, i always stipulate: i get mine first)


I will once I know for certain what this is about, not expecting valve to gimme back what I didn’t handle responsibly enough


Never had any issues trading with anyone in the community, and wouldn’t hesitate to send first to any of the regulars. For those less familiar, whomever has fewer badges sends first.


I sent him a message…I am sure this is just a misunderstanding…Everyone calm down.


thank you delenn13 :slight_smile: Am calm, just slowly getting impatient :sweat_smile:


It says he’s “on line” but I have done that too…I am in and out…afk…whatever all day long…doesn’t mean I am paying attention.


If we ever did see a trading forum, I would want to see a rank even higher than “Regular” that would be required for any “trading” related topics to alleviate some of these concerns. It should take a LONG time to earn trust on Chrono. It is called Chrono, after all… sorry, couldn’t help it.

Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding, and he’ll come back to the forums soon to complete the trade.

That, and it would need to have a massive disclaimer whenever posting, stating that Chrono only unofficially allows trading and will not be held responsible for anything lost as a result of using it.


Has this been resolved yet?

Just realized I have the dude in question on my friends list, and maybe he would be more inclined to respond to a cute dog than a hot redhead :thinking:

image image


So we should have a “trader” rank? I’d be down for that.


MattnessLP got back to me, got my key so everything’s good, he apparently had some extremely busy days :confused: :slight_smile:

I’ll alter the title ^^

Feel free to keep discussing about the “trade rank”, I think something like that could really be useful on here!
Maybe only let people with a certain level create threads? Maybe also some kind of warning flag when trading with low levels similar to the Steam warnings?


As much as I don’t mind the idea of game swapping not allowed for people below regular, or having a trader rank I still don’t think its the best fit for this site.

Getting the regular badge on this site may show your active on the forums but is no guarantee that they will not scam you, sure it might be less likely since they are regular to the forums and are participating in them but it has nothing to do with trustworthiness. Also how this rule would be governed and who would have oversight of it is something that would not be easily solved here as this is not the main function of these forums.

As for a trader rank we also run into a similar problems. We can’t automatically track trades here and whether they were successful or not (or at least not without a large amount of background work) so assigning this title automatically doesn’t work. This means that someone would have to assign the title manually which also is a lot of work. Also there would have to be rules set out on the site for how to get the title and there would need to be proof of each exchange. All in all this just leads to a lot of work for someone, and also when issues arise in a trade or someone gets scammed it becomes a bit of a mess.

I guess the tl;dr is this sites primary function is not trading and implementing trusted traders is a lot of work and can run into a lot of issues. I don’t speak on behalf of the Chrono guys here but I think the way it should work here is that if you want to trade you can, but do it at your own risk, look at the persons profile and decide if you trust them, if not don’t trade and if you get scammed it’s unfortunate but nothing can be done. If you want a more “regulated and secure” trading method go to something like the reddit game swap pages such as:

As there have pages so you can validate the person you are talking to is a genuine trader.
(I am sure there are other reddit pages or sites you can use but these are the ones I have used personally)



I figured it was something like that. He has a YouTube channel so I am sure he would want to protect his rep. I just joined it. :+1:t2: