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Fall of the New Age…sounds interesting. I like that it takes after games like Kathy Rain in that a femme protagonist is the main playable character (always a plus for me).


Contract With The Devil


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KILL EM ALL is a First Person Shooter survival game where players get to kill terrifying monsters and compete with players all over the world to join the TOP 50 ELITE PLAYERS RANKING. Enjoy cool weapons and continuous supply of ammo so don’t hold back… SHOOT!!! Partner up with an ally for each try and work together in killing monsters and staying alive. Use vehicles and explosive barrels to show the monsters how tough you are. Experience gaming in a realistic environment, amazing soundtracks and lots more!!! Love First Person Shooter? Love Shooting? This Game is what you need!


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Love First Person Shooter? Love Shooting? This Game will fix that!:smiley:


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Kill 'Em All: Name of Indie FPS game
Kill 'Em All: Name of Metallica’s first album

That alone has me interested. lolz


OS: Windows 10 64-Bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or any AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or any AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 4 GB available space


Thanks @GeekInUndies, and I appreciate the mention. :+1:


After falling asleep in the cinema, you wake up in a movie you’ve seen so many times before. Use your detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing film crew and finish the movie. There are strange sound waves that appear to be keeping everyone trapped in this cryptic world.

Maybe these sound waves are your way out! Explore the diverse world of Shutterville, inspired by horror B-movies.

More than 80 game scenes

21 mini games

New silhouette matching mode

Original soundtrack

Can anyone HOG-savvy explain “New silhouette matching mode” to me?

And a bit of NSFW:

I tried a couple of previous games from the series and while the quality of art is rather high, the gameplay is a bit weird. I can understand various abilities that make the game basically play itself :wink: but at some point tiles start to mirror themselves seemingly randomly, so you can’t even “properly” solve them - just click until they decide to randomly assume correct position.


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Find objects by outline


Thanks @Strifeborne. I didn’t like from the new page design for the freebies since the old one was so much more organized.

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Hmmm…seems the claim button for Hentai Mosaique is broken.
It takes me to the library page, but the game is not there…(??)


Ok… It’s telling me to download from the Showcase section, but no option to add to Library. What the hey did IG break with the freebies this time. >.<


Yeah their site’s been variably broken since they migrated to a new design in April. Try adding them again, apparently it didn’t work at first for me either, but after retrying the next day they showed up in my library.

#382 (restocked)

Off-Road Drive, the off-road racing simulation for PC, is the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, extreme racing experience. Players will take part in The Russian trophy, Off-Road Trial, Thai Trophy and many other events through the worst driving conditions with a variety of natural obstacles like swamps, rocks, snow and sand.

No other game features this variety of off-road sport vehicles including tuned stock SUVs and trucks, as well as several classes of prototypes specifically built for off-road driving. The vehicles can be equipped with an assortment of special cross-country equipment and accessories including winches, low gear, differential gear locking, clinometer, altimeter, tire air pressure control, sand tracks, etc.

There has never been such an innovative simulation of interactive terrain response as well. Terrain under the vehicle will act just like it does in real life, the car will sink in dirt, the dirt will create a rut and will stick to the car and tires affecting its handling. Stones will fly from underneath the wheels and damage other trucks. The game will feature various surfaces that will not only affect tire friction but have complex reactions based on car weight, speed, wheel torque, tire condition, time on this surface, depth of car immersion into the surface and much more.

Key Features:

  • Leading international off-road championships.

  • Racing and mud bogging.

  • Tough challenges and obstacles to beat.

  • Special off-road equipment and accessories (Lowered gearing, front/rear locking differentials, winch, etc.).

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Thanks @carvalho20ptc It may be restocked but the add button is still broken, fyi.

The previous two, the buttons to add came up evenutally.


I got it now.

Off-Road Drive I already have…hmmm…

Still, got a lot of free games this way.