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Thanks @Strifeborne :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

And thanks to you…I got this too. Already owned the game on Steam.


Thanks @Strifeborne

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Traversing between the physical and aetherial planes?
Hmmm…reminds me of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver…
Looks like an interesting game.


Yes, I collected the series. Mow, so much to play, heh.


Are you ready for some THROTTLE MASHING, MISSILE BLASTING, KART SMASHING FUN? Renzo Racer is a fast-paced cartoon style racing game challenging your maneuverability and driving skills to cross the finish line first! Choose your driver from a selection of 16 comical personalities and race down 20 exciting tracks full of twists and turns, hazardous obstacles and unexpected surprises. Plow through destructible objects, jump off ramps and watch out for scattered rocks, fallen trees, black ice and oil slicks! Hit the road, put the pedal to the metal, and enjoy the intense action worthy of a true racing champion. Play individual tracks or tournaments against the AI cars or also against a friend in local 2 player mode.


Fast And Furious Racing Action.
16 Comical Drivers With Unique Personalities.
20 Challenging Race Tracks.
Race Karts Or Boats!
Destructible Objects.
Obstacles & Surprises!
Now with full VR support using Xbox or compatible controller.
Local 2 Player Mode To Enjoy With A Friend.


Thanks, @Strifeborne :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you @Strifeborne :postal_horn:


Thanks @Strifeborne.

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Hmmm…gonna have to see if Renzo Racer even runs…


Fight In Ever Changing Space Battles!

Run through the universe, discover the numerous perks/consumables and their synergistic effects. Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect StellarNetES Cartridges, checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords.

And die. A lot!

Can you find the most outrageous perk combination to defeat the Last Overlord?

Core Mechanics:
Rogue-like Elements: With a randomly generated universe and randomized perks, no journey will ever be the same! What will happen to you, in your own unique apocalyptic cataclysmic transgalactic voyage?

Synergistic Perk System: Over 100 perks and consumables! Look out for the synergistic nature of the perks that suits your playstyle!

Galactic Bounties: ​​Complete over 100 missions to participate in the StellarNET Entertainment System lottery!

Customize Your Start: Choose your spacecraft: there is one for every playstyle, as they have unique starting perks. You can personalize your arsenal from numerous weapons: cannons, missiles and lasers!

Unlock Spacecrafts, View Your Progress: Check out what have you accomplished in our in-game encyclopedia StellarNET. Unlock new spacecrafts, kill all the bosses to progress in StellarNET’s kill table. Check which perks and consumables you have used and seen, and what is your progress towards the achievements!

Explore the Universe: Some levels are more special than others: Merchants, Bosses, Spacecraft Factories. Fight through lower-difficulty levels to stock up on perks, or just streamline to the end-boss if you feel powerful enough!

Controller Support: Plug-and-play with any kind of controller!


Thanks, @Strifeborne :postal_horn:


Thanks @Strifeborne :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


*Don’t mind me, just trying to help a brotha out…


Stellar Interface’s premise is giving me some strong One Way Heroics vibes…

Looks like it might be built off the same engine…hmmm…


Cubiscape 2
In this original turn-based puzzle game you will take on the role of a lonely ball trapped in the world of cubes! Find a way to escape out of hundreds of levels that range from very simple to brutally complex.

Use the environment to your advantage - lure enemies into traps, push buttons to open up new paths or teleport away from danger. Avoid mines and use bombs to destroy your foes! Discover over 20 unique puzzle elements and all the crazy interactions that can happen between them!

* Campaign with over 100 levels
* 5 different types of enemies
* 17 unique puzzle elements
* Random puzzles with cosmetic rewards
* Level editor

The campaign is divided into several chapters and guides you through the world of Cubiscape. Almost every chapter introduces one or two new puzzle elements and presents you with unique challenges that get harder the further into the chapter you get. Be prepared to think outside the box (literally!) and discover surprising interactions that can arise when many elements are combined together!

If the campaign is too easy or too hard you can try our large collection of randomly generated levels. These come in four difficulties (from easy to insane!) so there is something for everyone. Earn points by completing random levels (harder levels give more points) to advance in ranks and unlock cool cosmetic rewards, such as the “Beating Heart” skin!

Finished all levels? Head to the level editor and create your own to challenge your friends or share them with the community! The editor is very easy to use and allows you to leverage all features of the game.


Thanks, Geeky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks, @GeekInUndies, and I appreciate the mention. :+1:


Cubiscape looks interesting…

As expected, Stellar Interface and One Way Heroics share some similarities…

Renzo Racer is, rather unfortunately, 64-bit exclusive. Some would say that shouldn’t be an issue but it is for the underprivileged because the underprivileged get refurbished hardware and refurbished hardware gets 32-bit OS installs. At any rate, I can’t test play Renzo Racer, but it does look fun.


It’s a hidden object game, so they didn’t even try to hype up the gameplay and gave us lore instead :sunglasses::

Back Story

Mankind has just got out from the dark Middle Ages. Superstitions and fears still reign the minds of the majority of people, but the germs of science and culture rapidly emerge and grow stronger. But, as it turns out, it doesn’t play into the hands of some of those in power. They are willing to make every effort and use all means to prevent the development of noble minds. The coup brews after sudden death of King in one kingdom and childless Queen is in mortal danger. A group of officials, financiers - merchants, local mafia and some members of the highest ranks of police belong to secret cult, whose goal is the destruction of any educational programs and new scientific achievements, which were very supportive and strongly promoted by the deceased king.
They’re going to kill the Queen and enthrone his person - cruel and ignorant bastard. Police behaves outrageously in the capital, bandits openly run their dirty deeds, officials drown in corruption and are busy with their own profit. Common people are dark, terrified and trying to survive in every possible way.


The main character, young thief Marla is caught for stealing and thrown into the town prison, and her little brother Ray is kidnapped by the people in strange leather masks. With help of the former secret policeman Herbert Marla escapes from the cell and runs away to the underground catacombs. On the road she finds out that several other street boys were stolen from the town besides Ray. Herbert gives Marla task to steal mysterious cipher from the house of one merchant.
Decrypting coded message Marla finds out about the existence of a cult that stole her brother and also set a goal to destroy all the achievements of science and culture. During the search of Ray the girl encounters various representatives of science, who to some extent suffered from actions of the cultists. With their help, Marla finds a secret gathering of the cult and saves missing children from there.
After successful rescue, Marla with Herbert intrudes into the royal palace, where they reveal the head of the cult Morgana, who disguised as maid of honor of the queen for a long time. It is this maid of honor who was behind the assassination attempt on the king, because of which Marla’s father was killed.
With the help of Herbert, Marla prevents cult activities and reunites with her brother. A former secret policeman regains favor of the Queen and becomes at the head of security of the kingdom in general and of science in particular.


Thanks @Strifeborne

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