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@Danacscott Yeah, this new page layout used for the freebies sucks. Not to mention how Indiegala’s site is pretty unstable, so you get the worst of both worlds.

@Amyrakunejo You’re welcome. :+1:


Brigade E5: New Jagged Union is back in circulation


Nice one Strifeborn. No add button there yet either. Ah who is doing maintenance for IG’s new look pages >>


Thanks, @Strifeborne and @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I can’t get them either. I even tried different browsers :persevere:


This game is also a restock, which’s why people can’t claim it as well.


So IOW I already have it??? I tried the search and it didn’t work.


Ditto. The search lets you into your IG library - bundles bought/store listing bought. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to see what’s in your showcase.


@delenn13 @Danacscott I ended up scrolling through the pages until I found both freebies. They’re at page 9 for me, and they can be downloaded from there.


O_O Useful knowledge and appreciate that you did all that, but man, the UI designers do us dirty when it comes to the freebies section. For example: :sweat_smile:


Like they say, “beggars can’t be choosers”. :wink:

Jokes aside, yeah, their site can be quite a mess mostly of the time. I guess the solution is to use different browsers until the site finally works.


Several People: Have Issues With Getting The Game

Me: ‘Add To Library’ button present…

Hmmm…I guess I was late to the party then, lolz


You seem to have landed in an endless dark hallway… or is it a house? - You don’t know. You keep progressing through obscure rooms, halls and areas passing the servants of darkness; Trying to solve the mysteries that are lying ahead of you. Will this nightmare ever end?


Focusing on the roots of classic horror games “Clockwise” uses the elements of darkness, sounds and visual trickery. The game can be played over and over again and never be exactly the same like it used to be before.

Dark atmosphere

Changing playthroughs

Classic riddles

A lot of dynamic interaction

Best performance and look thanks to the Unreal Development Kit (UE3)

Join Shaderless man on his adventures and help prevent him from turning into a ghost.


Thanks, @Strifeborne :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks, @Strifeborne

Now they’ve added the “Add to Library” button to the top of the page and removed all the clutter from the freebies page. Thank goodness. :+1:


Clockwise…the premise gives off some Clock Tower vibes…


It’d be nice to see one of those games do it really well. Others I’ve seen inspired by Clock Tower have been pretty awful.

@Strifeborne Thanks! ^^

@carvalho20ptc Agree. It’s not that hard to put a button on a page, lol. I’m glad they’re trying harder on the UI too.


Did they? I still have to scroll past all the “From Indiegala” and “Our blog” stuff to get to Clockwise’s description and “Add to library” button.
Or are you talking about Shaderless Man? That one does have the button near the top, but that’s not a “galaFreebie” it’s from their “Showcase”(which also lists all the galaFreebies, but whatever).


@Danacscott @Strifeborne Yeah, they finally organized the pages around. I could claim the game from the top of the page, and at first I scrolled it down to find it. :sweat_smile:


After learning the fine art of magic and becoming a true witch, Victoria is ready to go after Agnes and set her parents free. Witches and wizards united in the fight against evil!

Dive into an exciting adventure by matching your way through a magical and dangerous land to defeat the ultimate evil. Grab your wand and prepare for battle in Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards.


Activate the most powerful amulet to break an evil spell

Tons of unique and challenging levels

4 game play modes: challenge, relaxed, expert, and casual

xciting match-3 gameplay

Collect coins to boost your power-ups

Plan your moves to get all three stars


Thanks @onLooSe

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