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To Ash is back on the menu.

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If you click the “Quoted Post”, it DOES take you to @GeekInUndies post. I don’t know why it shows the first post…Always has.

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Desert Law is a new spin on the traditional real-time strategy that immerses players into a post-apocalyptic world where gasoline is the new world currency.

In Desert Law, player takes on the role of Brad as he begins his quest for vengeance against those who ruined his very existence. After returning to his home village and finding the settlement plundered and destroyed, Brad swears to bring justice to the memory of his slain village. Uniting desolated outcasts, he forges a fighting unit to strike out against bandit gangs, drawing allies under his banner.

Use your tactical skills to survive in the harsh wasteland as you control a group of heroes with different statistics, drive various vehicles and fight your way through the enemy lines.
Post-apocalyptic settings
Over 30 missions with multiple objectives ranging from defense, to rescue, to all-out assault
Detailed isometric visuals combining 2D and 3D graphics
Modified Blitzkrieg engine


Thanks for the post. I already have it on Steam (which I’ve also got through another giveaway from Nuuvem) and now I have the DRM Free version. :+1:

Maybe I should give it a try someday.


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Dino Run: Marathon of Doom

Marathon of Doom is one very long, challenging Dino Run level… see how far you can make it!

Dino Run: Marathon of Doom is a retro-styled, action-packed prehistoric dinosaur racing game. This version is an updated version of the original web game: Dino Run. Run, jump and claw your way to survive the oncoming wall of doom.

Run, jump and duck with arrow keys/WASD. Shift key provides a boost every 20 seconds. Simple, right?

Can something free be even freer? The answer is YES! Compact and easy to use, ready to be downloaded and played anywhere, anytime.

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A space slavulator which allowed you to seamlessly fly from space down to planet’s surface ten years before No Man’s Sky arrived.


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I’ve got it! This game seems cool.


Infinity Imperium
When the universe began, a new race came into existence, the Infinitian, a race of unbelievable intelligence and technology who exist simultaneously without any sort of variance in every parallel universe.
For millennia, they explored every corner of the universe: in the end, after some time, they created five intelligent races who they implanted on many planet across the galaxy and then they left, continuing their roam into endless expanse.
Over millennia, these new races evolved and began their expansion in the universe, colonizing new worlds and founding empires more and more big.
Every race worshipped the Infinitian as Gods, always seeking their consideration, but even in the sporadic circumstances of their passage through a star system with their enormous spaceship, the Infinitian simply ignored the race, persisting in their own way.
For thousands of years, everything in the galaxy relatively worked out, until the day the Infinitian simply disappeared from the universe, without leaving almost any sign, like they never came to existence.
Every race blamed the others for the disappearance of the Gods and within few years, all of them went to war, a galactic war for the dominion on everything and everybody.

It’s right here where the player will begin the adventure!

Expand your empire by colonizing every planet in your first star system.
Build resource production and research buildings and don’t forget to create defense fleets: remember that you aren’t alone in the galactic neighborhood!

Fight against four other races for galactic dominance: build defense towers, massive battle cruisers and fight in epic space battles!

Use time travel technology to your advantage but remember that others will too: a potentially endless time war awaits you!

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#276 (restocked)

Potatoman Seeks the Troof

Potatoman Seeks the Troof is a challenging potatosophical platforming adventure from Pixeljam Games, creator of the classic prehistoric racer DINO RUN.

Potatoman will put your reflexes and worldview to the test as you journey through scorching deserts, dark forests, busy cities, the tallest mountains and eventually your own potato-consciousness in search of the ultimate answer. Are you prepared to face the TROOF?


Bone-breaking challenges and intriguing perspectives.
A unique story that will make you question everything you knew about potatoes.
Squirrels! Vultures! Monkeys! Star Tetrahedrons!
The Troof

Some very nice things people have said about Potatoman:

Potatoman will delight, surprise, and challenge you. I had so much fun playing through his little adventure, and I know I’ll replay it many times in the future. And the ending is amazing! Definitely play all the way to the end. ~James Kochalka, American Elf

Potatoman is an awesome bite-sized platformer that is as fun as it is, well, insane.~Northernlion, Youtube

Good, addictive fun, with a nice balance between level-memorization and hand-eye coordination. ~Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

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#280 (restocked)

Unforgiving Trials: The Space Crusade


The world is dying. Many years after the banishment of the evil that plagued the land, the world was hit by waves of unbearable heat. Crops are withering, rivers and wells drying and the cattle is slowly dying out from illness.

During his desperate work to save his family farm from the heat, young farmer named Jory was suddenly visited by a mysterious stranger claiming that the land could be saved and that he is the one who can help save it.

Despite his skepticism, in desperation he accepted the strangers offer and was instantly transferred to a strange flying metal contraption where three other people waited.

The stranger explained to them that the thing that plagues this world is not a natural, but man made disaster. An evil and immortal tyrant, together with his evil legions from times past is manipulating the Sun that heats their world and the very fabric of time. All to fulfill his goal of utter time and space domination. Coming from a time where the tyrant already established domination, the stranger known as Cooper came back in an attempt to rewrite time and thus save both present and the future from utter destruction.

He explained to his four guests that even though they are not warriors they all carry genes of great heroes of the past. Using his superior technology he can make Jory and his new friends capable of combating any threat that comes their way.


Each character will choose his own unique class among the rich variety that “The Space Crusade” offers. Despite this, they will not only be defined by their class of choice, but also with their inherent abilities (i.e. farmer Jory will be more sturdy then his companions, while grifter Laura will be more agile then the rest). Every class will be able to use a wide variety of abilities that will enable them to combat their more technologically advanced foes. The number of possible encounters is fixed, so there will not be any tedious level grinding. After each level up the player will choose new skills, and with it the way their characters develop combat-wise. Goal of the game is to reach the Sun where the tyrant resides while combating his legions, both human and mutated monstrosities.


Jory - small town farmer with a wild youth, but after his father died he settled down to run his family farm in his honor.

Dante - young scholar with an interest in engineering. He accepted Cooper’s call to observe his advanced technology.

Laura - grifter from the Capital City that joined Cooper to flee the guards chasing her after her last scam.

Victoria - initiate in a secluded temple yearning for adventure and an opportunity to help her fellow man.

Cooper - time-traveling stranger from a ruined future. He traveled back in time to stop the problem at its root. Pilot of the vessel “Solarius”, and leader of the team.

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Sweet, an indie RPG made with RPG Maker MV.