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I'm looking for some wisdom about computer monitors.


To build a little bit on that. There are other clues as well.

TN will have viewing angles at 170/160 degrees while IPS and VA will have 178/178 degrees.

Curved panels are VA, I’ve yet to see an exception.

MVA is VA, AMVA is VA, AH-IPS is IPS, TFT-LCD is a company being stupid or ignorant when their panel is TN.


May or may not be relevant.


Hmm. I guess i will have to hurry up with my purchase then.


Eh questions continue. So i bought the new monitor , now i have an issue. Then i set it to 144ghz refresh rate in Nvidia panel it starts to flicker/blinking and a lot of green pixels appear all across the screen. Any ideas ?

I’m using HDMI 2.0 port which is supposed to support up to 144hz.

Works fine in 60hz mode btw.

I have one theory so any of you nice tech savvy people could confirm it or deny it. This monitor only supports 144hz through HDMI 2.0 and i sort of doubt that my old GTX 970 has HDMI 2.0,probably some older version? Could it because of that?

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Brief looking around it looks like a possible source of your trouble, possibly not though. The first gen of the 900 series did indeed not have HDMI 2.0, but the 970 should be 2nd gen 900s with HDMI 2.0 support being one of it’s upgraded features.

Now I don’t know if there might maybe be some manufacturers who made a 2nd gen card and cheaped out on the hdmi port itself or some such, not sure how one might go about figuring that out but maybe you can find something out searching out documentation on your card in particular.

Edit: MSI has the following to say about my own 970.

HDMI: 1 (version 1.4a/2.0)Max Resolution: 4096x2160 @24 Hz (1.4a), 3840x2160 @60 Hz (2.0)

Not entirely certain how to interpret that information. Possibly it has 2 modes it can use depending on if you want to reach that 4096x2160 res it’ll do so in 1.4a mode at a measly 24hz and anything below that it’ll work in 2.0 mode. As it says nothing about the middle resolutions and higher frame rates, if you want to come over with your new monitor we could try it out. : )


Out of curiosity, if i remember correctly you also use GTX 970? Do you have 1440p 144hz monitor and does it work for u?Because i have found same vague hints in Dell forums that 970 is not capable of 144 hz.


No I do not.

Reading on in that wikipedia article however you’ll find a neat little table at about framerates at different resolutions and HDMI versions.
Looks like we’re sitting at this uncomfortable space between two specifications where things are kind of possible kind of not. HDMI 2.0 can certainly do 1440p 144hz for standard video, but not for HDR10 video, in which case it requires some special “Y′CBCR with 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 subsampling” which I honestly do not know anything about.

Anyway, I would expect my own card to be able to pull off 1440p 144hz, but I don’t know for certain.


I tried to cheat a little bit ,do 72hz , half of 144 and it still did blink and get those green dots .

I’m really trying to determine if it could be faulty monitor but working flawlessly at 60 and then going AWOL at 144 doesnt seem to be symptoms of a faulty monitor.


I definitely wouldn’t discount the idea, is it roughly the same pixels malfunctioning or is it more of a full screen issue where everything is just taking turns to be a bother?

Really wouldn’t know of any way to find out for certain other than having another computer to test the screen out on, or having another screen to test with your computer.


Some pixels turning green,flickering from normal to green, and it blinks to and out of black screen. Depending on other options i set in Nvidia Panel,like vsync mode or power options i can reduce or increase that blinking so it at least in my head is related to GPU .

I will try one thing tommorow, buying Display Port cable and see what effect does that have.

It kind of has a new symptom now. Previously it just flickered and went nuts but stayed on 144 , now it sets itself back to 60 after a bit.


That’s sounds like a GPU or driver issue to me. I would recommend going ahead and trying DP. It’s what I’d recommend to use anyway.


Well i installed newest gpu drivers just in case ( also monitor drivers which seemed silly but who knows? ) and that didint do anything. Sadly this monitor only supports HDMI and DP so cant try my other connections like DVI or VGA ( I know they wouldnt support 144hz but just to see what symptoms are ) so i will go to some hardware shop tommorow and look for display port cable.

Any suggestions to which version should i look for?


I don’t know anything at all about these things, but i do remember that i once had an issue where i actually thought a Windows update had somehow damaged my monitor (i know i know, but im ignorant when it comes to stuff like this). It turned out it had something to do with these settings, if i remember right


I think i had to change the bpc or something and then it started working normally, while on another setting the monitor was completely messed up with green shit etc.


I think it’s DP1.2 or higher. The Cables I have are 1.4.

It might also be the HDMI cable if it’s not able to transmit enough data. Just an idea.


Monitor had HDMI cable included though i’m not sure what version is it. I guess my best bet is DP now, i really hope it’s just my old gpu not the faulty monitor.


That cable should be rated for the monitor.

Not sure if you know anyone that has a 10 or 20 series NVIDIA or Navi AMD GPU to test it out.


Sadly i dont. I guess i will see what DP cable brings and then go from there. Either look for a way to test it or just try my luck with returning it and betting my money on other 1440p 144hz monitor.

@Pylinaer i was wondering. My MOBO has HDMI port as well, could i do any testing with that ? Not sure what useful info could i get like that but maybe something?


No. Ryzen 3600 doesn’t have an integrated GPU. Mobo runs off of the integrated CPU graphics.


Ok… was just a random thought anyway.

Well if DP wont solve the issue last thing i can think of to do is try to connect monitor to Dell laptop with 1050ti GPU which should be new enough to produce 144hz , if it wont treat it like a second screen and limit to 60hz or something like that.


So i found out that you can make custom resolutions in Nvidia Control Panel. So i made one, with 1440p res and 120hz and guess what, flickering is completely gone along those green flashing pixels.

On the other hand i also found that if i stay on 144hz and just lower the resolution blinking gets less and less frequent while green dots persist.

I will anyway get a DP cable in an hour or two and see what that brings to the table.