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I'm looking for some wisdom about computer monitors.


Looks the same as the LG I have except I have 1080p at 240hz. In hindsight I think I would have preferred this model at 1440p because I cannot tell the difference between 144hz and 240hz. 144@1440p in 27inch is probably the best all round combo.


VA is the slowest panel type. They have deeper blacks and good contrast. They also tend to be curved though.


I’ve watched that review of 32 inch LG you’ve posted and it was pretty favorable. I’m seriously considering it as an option now even though 32" seems like a overkill for me in terms of size.


It has the same pixels per inch as 24" 1080p, so it’s possible it won’t be quite as an upgrade. But if you’re only getting a single screen, I don’t think it will be quite as bad.


I’m getting just one. And ye , that’s one thing i’m concerned about those 32”s is that they sill be big and “blurry” if you get what i mean. I would generally prefer smaller screen with better image quality.


1440p 32" is 91.79 PPI. 1080p 24" is also 91.79PPI. If you are fine with how your current monitor looks, this is how the 32" will also look in terms of sharpness.


It won’t be blurry, but you will see the pixels much easier… which is a bad thing. Stick with 27" since you want 1440p.

People don’t upgrade monitors as often as other components, so just stick it through and buy one that will last you, with good specs. Someone mentioned the LG 27GL850 above, but the 27GL83A is its younger brother, basically, but… better for gaming and such, and brighter.

Seriously, just get this monitor. It is insanely worth it for the price, and you won’t need to upgrade your monitor unless you’re going for 4K once it becomes more affordable in the future.

Or… go with AOC, those are usually cheaper, but I would NOT recommend skimping out on a monitor.

Also, disregard what that one guy said about IPS being good as a side monitor instead of main monitor, dude got no idea what he’s talking about lmao. Unless you’re an esports member, legit just don’t fuck with TN.

VA panels have good blacks, but are really bad otherwise.

Just stick with IPS man, it’s the superior choice, like, objectively. TN has much duller colors, so only high esports pros use those because of their response times.

IPS nowadays are the best type, and the LG model listed above has the best IPS panel. I don’t have it myself, but that’s just cause I found my monitors on a really good sale.

So yeah, please just wait for a sale, or get the LG 83A. Don’t go with TN or VA.


I really don’t get the TN hatred coming through here, just saying IPS panels are better is kind of pointless if you can’t adequately weigh the cons and pros of each, which is going to depend to some degree on the user’s own preferences.

Yes we all know that IPS screens have better colour representation, so they’re great if you’re doing work that requires precision in colour. They’re probably nicer to have for watching colourful animation and to some degree even games on.

But you have not in any way made any sort of convincing argument about why TN panels are supposedly obsolete for gaming. Having only ever owned a TN panel myself if I were to buy another TN panel there would be no part of my experience that I would feel missing. Because I can’t tell what colours my current panel is misrepresenting so as long as my new one looks the same or better then I would only feel my new monitor to be an improvement.

I’ll tell you what I WOULD notice and miss however were I to pick up an IPS panel, input lag, ghosting and every other issue that comes with low monitor response times that I am currently used to not seeing. You really don’t have to be at a pro gaming level to experience those issues.

If you’re working on a budget I would say you’re probably better off springing for a good TN panel, than a cheap IPS one. I would also urge to look for proper reviews of the panel, look for sites that do laboratory testing on panels, look into their colour and brightness uniformity, clarity and ever other aspect that is important for you. This is research you as a buyer is better off doing yourself than trust people to tell you about, because you’re the one who will be looking at the monitor at the end of the day.

Seek to really understand what it is you’re buying and why and you will rarely be unhappy with a purchase.


Let’s try to put everything in real world perspective here just for once.

What the customer wants:

  • Around 300$/€ budget
  • Mainly using it for gaming
  • Bigger - currently using 24 inch in size
  • Will be used as a single monitor set up

I don’t see how there can be competition with those points, but an explanation is necessary. Everything has it’s pros and cons and for that price range he will have tons of cons… the question is which ones.

I’ve worked with more than 30-40 monitors of all sorts and sizes in the last 10 years professionally. You can’t get really good colors and contrast for less than 1000 € (actually 2000). IPS colors look ok and better yeah… I’m stuck with 2 such panels at home now, but they are laughable if you need to work on them in matching real life stuff for ART, Architecture, design and whatever.

I present to your attention budget monitor with good (not great) colors:

For me personally Dell’s Ultrasharp tech is unbeatable for price - quality. It’s the first stepping stone for work with nice pixel density and of course “welcome home” - 60 Hz refresh rate.

Doesn’t look like he wants to do work with it and as mentioned already:

Yes they’ve improved a lot in the last years and with a single monitor not used for work you aren’t comparing any colors, so you won’t even see the difference!

He will be using it as a single monitor, so sitting in front of it is like guaranteed?! No need to even discuss viewing angles.

Gaming experience in general

No, he doesn’t need to be esports member to try to play games as they are supposed to be played by improving in them and trying to get better and better in their competitive nature. I will never understand the mentality to pick a game up and not carrying that I suck in it and be satisfied with that. If he has that mentality he doesn’t need even 144 Hz - it’s completely pointless.
Every person has competitive drive in him and whoever claims the opposite it’s a layer in my book.

I was never a pro when I played only quake, but I was above average and never was satisfied with my performance, so excuse me for not wanting to be bad at something I love to play. Currently being able to get back in those arena shooters with my new PC It’s impossible to get even close to my previous level of play with the main obstacle - IPS 60 Hz monitors. I know what my hands can do and yet the unability to see it on the monitor is legit driving me crazy and completely angry, but I love the game, so I will keep on playing get the larger desk I need and get the TN panel I want to be able to satisfy my gaming needs.

144 Hz IPS can’t do that for me so I really really know what I’m talking about when it comes to gaming or professional work with colors on PCs.

If @DontBeSilly Picks up a FPS game he likes and wants to improve in it and get the best out of his abilities with a single 350-400€ IPS 144Hz monitor bought today… he won’t be able to do so. Those panels aren’t there yet especially in fast movement games.

To conclude:

If you have a single monitor and you won’t compare colors to anything you won’t be able to even say you ain’t seeing something properly in games with a TN panel bought TODAY. You will get the performance required to have the opportunity to compete in every game you desire if you decide without any hindrance in the next 5 years (probably even 10).
I doubt more than 27 inch with 1440 pixels is required… TBF 24 inch 1080 is more than enough for competitive play (actually the preferred size, because it’s easier to keep track of your hud)… the bigger size will be great for casual games though.

It’s all matter of pros and cons on top of what a certain item can allow you to reach or do. ;]



Btw just for color comparison sake I want to post the best monitor (for me) I’ve worked with and I was lucky to use 2 of those for like year and a half in my previous job:

I haven’t seen better colors and experience yet. So if someone has the opportunity and the chance to check out this model in person… it’s a must experience :slight_smile:


Hey guys ,this is getting a little bit out of hand . It’s just a silly monitors so please remain civil to each other even thou you have different opinion on what’s ‘a good monitor’.

My budget is pretty low and on top of that there’s serious lack of budget choices down here , most of the market is grabbed by big companies so my potential options are very few at this moment.

I really appreciate everyone’s help and input ,that was a lot of useful information ( even though everyone came to a different conclusions ) and i can now weight that info against my current needs and available options.

In the end my final purchase will come down to best available option rather than best option in general and while one technology might hold some merit against the other and vice versa i’m constrained with above mentioned things.


Definitely ignore this dude. He some personal vendetta against me or something, even in another thread he states weird “info”

He claims he’s worked with monitors, but still seems quite ignorant about pixel densities. This actually matters, though. Pixel density is a key component in choosing a monitor size. Also, the guy said he wanted 1440p. So idk why you’re going off so hard on the comp gaming aspect with 1080p.

And he lists an 8K monitor here. The guy is not doing ultra intense artwork or whatever, and competitive gaming is not the only thing people do dude…

And for $300, you can easily get a monitor for the specs I listed, with 15 left over (including taxes). The monitors ARE in his budget, easily.

Here is a link, for example, for a good monitor above his price range at its best sale yet, but there are many lower priced monitors with similar specs. Also, note most are against TN panels…


Dumb relevant question: How does one even find out whether a monitor or IPS, TN, or VA, particularly for screens that aren’t enough of a big deal to have enthusiast reviews about them? That’s not something typically listed on the specs pages in online stores, and looking up [model] panel type (or even various combinations of the model and specific panel types) doesn’t give me any relevant results for the models I’m interested in.


It should be central to any information about the monitor in question. But it’s fairly safe to say that if nothing else is mentioned it’s going to be a TN panel, being pretty much the standard and anything deviating from TN would make sure to brand themselves as such.


Listen to the OP. This IS getting out of hand. No need to call people out. Everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion.




Love your setup . Really vintage, that date and time on the right bottom corner is a nice touch as well.


It should be listed in the titles. If the panel type is not listed, you should automatically assume that it’s a TN (or sometimes a VA in rarer cases).

If it’s an IPS, companies will make sure it’s usually visibly listed.


you mean: “exactly everything what @Fraggles said” except it could also be a VA in rarer cases

ty @Fraggles

and ty @mert for that additional piece of info


Oh mb, it didn’t show up. But yeah, what he said then I guess.