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I'm looking for some wisdom about computer monitors.


Good news ! I think DP cable solved my issues. It seems that all flickering and green dots are gone on 144hz with it.

Not sure what to take from it. Dell should include better cables with their monitors? …


I was wondering,how much backlight bleed is acceptable for a TN panel?

Mine has this ‘buttcheek’ pattern in the middle and i 'm thinking should i return it or not. Though from what i gathered from internet it’svery common issue with these panels and new one might be the same and i can potentially be left without a monitor for two weeks until they ‘inspect’ this one.


If it is visible with other things going on, even if the other things are mostly black. I would be unhappy with it. I have very little bleed through on my monitor but it is only visible when it’s on but not receiving a signal yet.

I don’t really know what sort of standards stores or manufacturers hold for what counts as a defect though. Might want to talk to the place you bought it or possibly the manufacturer directly.


It’s visible on solid blacks a bit and quite obviously on idle monitor .I guess i’llcall them tomorrow and ask them what do they classify as returnable.


Try to be rather quick about it, don’t let them jerk you around with delays and “wait and see” advice. I don’t know what consumer protection laws you have wherever you are but in the civilized world remote purchases should have a 14 day “open purchase” period where even if it isn’t defect you should be allowed to return it for a full refund. Though you might have to pay the shipping still.

Might be worth finding out and keeping in mind if you are protected by similar laws, don’t put this off until it’s too late if you think there’s any reason you don’t want the monitor you got.


Thing is i’m quite happy with it except for that bleed. I wouldnt mind just getting a replacement .


It sort of looks like this

@Fraggles i’m protectes by same customer rights as anywhere in Europe i guess, 14days to return with no questions asked.

But once i return it i’m left without a monitor and next step so that’s why i am a bit hesitant.

EDIT: So i’ve returned it . Back to a drawing board i guess


So my ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD arrived today . So far so good, no backlight bleeds or anything of sorts.


Nice choice, though use it for a week to see what happens, since stuck pixels can still develop. After a week, if everything looks fine, you should be good to go with this monitor!


Such a shame about the first monitor, I hope you’ll be happy with the new one.


I’m glad you got everything sorted in the end. I went through exactly your scenario which is how I learned about HDMI and Display Port cables and their differences.