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I'm going to Europe for the first time. Would you guys and gals kindly share some tips?





the people unprepared;
and a great fire spread

(i wish you a happy travels Coraline, and hope you get to experience lots of excitement and merriment during your stay “here”) :hugs:


So one more sleep…:sleeping:

Be safe and have a great time. :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

Until we meet again…


Well, I hope you have a pleasant flight and a very enjoyable trip!


Enjoy Europe! Be sure to keep us in the loop!


Have a good trip!


Have fun and take plenty of pics! Also visit Unit when you‘re in london. Amazing gallery!


Yesterday @coralinecastell and I went a visiting several museums in London. Things did not kick off to a good start however…

I am not a mobile phone person…I like the freedom that not being tethered to a phone brings. This is great for me most of the time as I don’t have dependants or a constant need for communication - when I’m out I’m out. However, my train was running late…needless to say agreeing to meet someone and then not turning up isn’t a good start for any first meeting. Turned up 30 minutes late with profuse apologies (bearing in mind too that she had no idea what I looked like) and felt like an incredibly horrible person…really bad. I cannot emphasise that enough.

Nevertheless, off we went to South Kensington and the Natural History Museum, in which @coralinecastell took various photos of derpy looking animals. If you see them, they will derp. Dino’s, Invertebrates, Fish and Darwin done, and once derpiness had reached meme levels, we wandered next door to the Science Museum, in which the continued existence of museums as a sustainable resource was pondered, whist we gazed at the feats of man and wondered how astronauts tied their shoelaces in those big gloves…with very warm hands was the probable answer. The exhibition celebrating 100 years since the last Tsar was also appreciated…haemophilia not withstanding.

Across the road to the V&A we went, checking out some marble butts (ooo errr!), some of the works of Raphael, and a derpy heraldic statue. Sadly the Video Games exhibition cost somewhat too much for us to justify exploration. Then, without further ado to the British Museum to witness the wonders of Ancient Egypt - the Rosetta Stone and the Mummies. The weight of ages in this museum is wonderful, and it’s a true treasure…just seeing history from over 5000 years ago is fantastic and thought provoking, and makes you realise just how insignificant you are.

And then adieu…we parted with farewell hugs and off she went into the night. To put one foot after the other in her bold journey to explore, perchance to boldly go where no @coralinecastell has been before.


Way cool!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


see, that just sorta makes this a little totally uncanny


and so it was foretold: “together two Chronies would go looking at enlarged doggo bones twas buried 6000 years ago” -so sayeth in the great book of the doggosaur

hope you guys had as awesome time as it sounds :+1:


Hope you are having fun, be safe and lots and lots of pictures for memories (and us)!!


Dudes and dudettes

I have several pics and stuff, but I’m enjoying my trip so much I haven’t really been on the phone. Plus, since I don’t have a chipset now, I can only use WiFi to communicate, so whenever I have access to it I’m mainly talking to my parents.

I hope to be able to share some pics with you guys soon!

Stay cool :hugs: :butterfly:


In that case, is it time to start watching @kylehayman361 more closely?


it’s already too late…




Weapon of choice, may I ask good sir?




A knitting needle rifle though


Oh, handmade weapon, illegal in most countries, I see I’m treating with a real thug here.



Fighter of the Corn-man.