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I'm going to Europe for the first time. Would you guys and gals kindly share some tips?


Thank God the capybara is winning. At last some sense in the world.


Slothos would be winning if she had one. Just sayin’


Hey guys, small announcement:

Two days ago, a dear friend of mine sadly passed away due to complications related to leukemia.

It has wrecked me pretty badly so I’ve mostly been reading and “hearting” Chrono posts for now.

Still, thanks everyone for the votes and tips. I’ll make sure to reply more carefully once I’m feeling better.



Sorry for your loss. Will be thinking and praying for you.:hugs:


I’m very sorry to hear that, you have my sincerest my condolences. Taking some time for yourself is important so don’t feel any sort of obligations towards us, we’ll be here when you feel better.


I’m really sorry to hear that. We are all here for you and hope you feel better. It takes time to recover from something like this and don’t worry, I haven’t been interacting much either. Due to various reasons. Take your time. No rush. :hugs:


Hey Coralinecastell, from what I understand you said you don’t eat red meat and allergic to sea food. And you love to eat a lot, then how does vegan (eat all you want and can) buffet sounds to you? There is a very famous ,small but cheap (yet on standard) restaurant at London.

As a vegan, if I know my travel location, I would prepare before where would I had my lunch/dinner at before I travel.

(there are quite lots of terrible reviews of the restaurant at tripadvisor even there are twice as much excellent reviews over the website, just think to search on youtube about that place too and see what you may expect)


Moments ago I search on Youtube it seems like Tibits at London is way way better buffet choice as it’s vegetarian (while Dou Dou is vegan)

Tibits weight food, people on reviews said about 11-20 pounds (UK dollars) per dish… on other vegan vlogger, they said Tibits on every Tuesday it’s all vegan dishes

Consider these

I’ve voted Betao the unicorn, then I saw comment about no love for sea creature… I wish I voted for the seahorse, Seahorse is amazing. but if you take him it will be harder for you to place him on location as it needs things behind him to stand


My plans after reading your post:

1)Press the like button
2)Press the 3 dots icon to open the “more options” menu
3)Search for a save this comment
4)Never find it


My mother battled leukemia when she was a teenager, so you certainly have my prayers :slight_smile: be well!


Hey guys, I’m feeling better and will get back to you guys pretty soon about all your generous advice and helpful insight — and also for all the well wishes.

For now, though, @delenn13 dear I just realized this thread is on the “other deals” category. Any chance you could move it to “off-topic”?

Thanks in advance! :hugs:


Any ‘regular’ can change categories, did it for you though. Glad to hear you’re feeling better already,


Went to do…and…Thanks, @Fraggles!:+1:t2:


Has been some time so, in my last week of panic before I freeze my butt off, I’m reviving this thread from :fire: the ashes. :fire:

Sorry in advance for all the mentions and me being all over the place. :grimacing:

This is fantastic advice! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely try that, as well as visiting the places you mentioned. Hugs!

Mayyyyyyyyyyybe you could ask them a question for me? I’m wondering if the Cologne Cathedral x-mas market will still be going on the 23rd of December. Webisite says 26 nov - 23 dec but I’m not sure how things are going to be on the last day – also wondering if it’s going to be hella croweded.

I’m wondering about that. Genuine (ridiculous-sounding) question, guys: can you take plushies inside museums?

On this week’s edition of top 10 questions you never thought you’d ask.

Written down! I love beer. Some folk told me “Brussels isn’t what it used to be”. How long ago is it that you went, if you don’t mind me asking?

Guess none of you will be seeing my pictures, then. RIP you guys.

I appreciate both of your guys’ advice but I won’t be able to pay those visits this time. Sorry, “just” Amsterdam and Helmond for me!

Buses and trains and sharing rides, depends on the city etc.

OMG THANK YOU!!! Now I only need to find some cool restaurants in Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels :joy:


As far you let any guard who wants to inspect it closely do their job you should be fine no problem. Maybe, MAYBE, they ask you to leave it in a cabin but it’s highly unlikely.

How do I know so much about museums and what can you bring and what not? I’m this guy, but with screwdriver and around 10 more things:

Yes, I like to be prepared. Prepared for what? FOR ANYTHING.


So I went in 2014. I wouldn’t say it was the safest place at night (depends which section you are in though) but I still loved it. I’d recommend looking up what good bars are around, alot of them change often. The bar culture is great there though. there are sooo many good beers. I can give you a list if you’d like!


That knife vid was hilarious! I always carry a knife too. But I don’t offer it to anyone.:sweat_smile:

You’d be surprised how useful a simple knife like Old Timer Schrade can be once or twice a day. But that video really tickled me.


I will contact my friend. But it has been a few months since our last conversation. If she responds, I’ll reply again. But might be too busy with life or forget.


@Eidos I’m also that kind of person :joy:

And I worked at a really relevant Brazilian museum for a while too… but imagine carrying a capybara into The Louvre? doesn’t sound feasible :thinking:

OF COURSE I DO. WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR? (Seriously though thanks)

@GDBringer thanks! I totally understand and don’t worry (:


sry coraline, i can’t keep it in any longer



I’ll send you a PM in a bit :slight_smile: I gotta find my old list of favorites.