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I'm going to Europe for the first time. Would you guys and gals kindly share some tips?


I would never have the courage to do a euro trip like that on my own, it would be disastrous! Kudos to you @coralinecastell and I hope you have a great time. Would be nice to hear (pics or it didn’t happen) about it afterwards as well. :wink:

Also, snoooooooooooooooooowwwwww :mountain_snow: :heart:
are u smuggling memes, girl?


This is. A. Fantastic. Idea. You’re blowing my mind, @delenn13!

:rainbow: WHO SHOULD I TAKE ON MY TRIP? :rainbow:

  • Waddles, the pig
  • Betão, the unicorn
  • Panda, the capybara
  • Sem-pernas [no-legs], the Seahorse

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Strong contestants tonight, folks! Who will get to see Europe? Who will get to freeze in the snow? Vote today!

please vote I’m clueless

Who I'd definitely take, but sadly can't

This is Uni, my (other) unicorn. I’ve had him since I was 6 or so. My dad bought it in the US for me. :blush:

He means a lot to me buttttt he’s too big and if I lose him there I may commit suicide. So we’re NOT doing that haha :joy:


If you are strapped for room…You could take a photo of your BFF or your godmother even a pic of ALL the little stuffies. All kinds of things you can do…


I cant choose :frowning: they are all so cute
just not he unicorn i mean Betao not the nice one which is hidden
poor seahorse has no votes


omg that’s a Waddles plush?! :dizzy_face: :heart_eyes::star_struck:




I voted the thing with no legs. Absolutely no love for sea foo… ahem, I mean, sea creatures.


I went to England, France, and Spain.


  • Canterbury Cathedral is simple and nice place. When I went it wasn’t crowded but is a tourist destination.
  • The Big Ben clock.
  • Visit the royal family’s place even though they are never there. Can get pictures with the red guards.


  • One thing about the Louve. If you’re artistic and creative as I was when I went, you’ll love it. But it is a huge place. If you want to not only see everything but enjoy it too, you’ll have to spend the entire day there. If you don’t have time, definitely pick the art/artists you definitely want to see and go straight there first. Then wander around if you have extra time.
  • Notre Dam not only has a cathedral, it also has artists and painters in front selling art. But due to Winter, I don’t know if they will be out in cold weather.
  • It’s too bad you’re not visiting southern France. The people are nice and the places are good too. I brought it up to some people I met there and apparently there is a stereotype that northern French are rude and southern French are nice.
  • Also, don’t try to speak French to them if you don’t know it. They get more upset. They know English and if they don’t want to help you, they won’t.
  • Speaking of language, I spoke to an artist in France in Spanish who is from Portugal. Multilinguals are everywhere. Since you are from Brazil, I think you will get the best help/service if you speak Portuguese first, then if they don’t understand, speak English as a lingua franca.

I’ve never been to Germany. But I have a German friend who lives in Cologne. I think you should be OK if you stay in the tourist areas and be careful at night.

Trip tip:
Pickpockets frequent tourist spots and look for easy marks. Keep your money, travel documents, and personal effects secure/hidden on your person.
When riding buses/trains, if you fall asleep, your bags might be stolen.


The capybara is the most thematic choice of course but I don’t think you’ll want to lug it around with you everywhere. The best choice is clearly the smallest one but the sea horse being unable to stand on it’s own wont serve the purpose of photo model very well. Thus the diseased unicorn that looks like it’s just about to start crying is the only option. Might want to try to find something even smaller if you have other options.


Depends how solid the Capybara is. If he can be squished down enough it would fit into a backpack and could be put as a buffer over more valuable stuff too. You’d still need to be super careful though.

I’m jealous that you’re going to Brussels! I haven’t been in years. It’s a pretty beautiful place. Go get some chocolates (and some beer if you’re into that, Belgian beer is some of my favorite and Delerium Bar is worth a visit at least once) at Grand Place, just don’t go into the Godiva store. It’s too touristy, in my opinion.


one tip. find dem European stray cat and pet the #@! out of them ( and maybe snap a couple of picture for us :P)


I’ve never seen one around here, in my entire life. I’ve seen wolves, boars and eagles, tho… maybe there’s a correlation :thinking:


i mean… everything animals can be pet if you are brave enough,


Like the indian taxi driver who was killed by a bear when he tried to take a selfie with it?


all he had to do was ask for permission first…


… that taxi driver was stupid… you need to kill the bear first and then take the picture… just dont let the internet know you killed a bear for stupid picture


While I was out for fishing, I once met an entire family of boars, two adults and three cubs. I think I held my breath for five minutes while they were walking right behind me and then passing the river. I also had my dog with me. He did nothing, thank God.
Edit. The cubs were cute, tho.


Like @Rabob said, don’t spend all your time in Amsterdam, you can pretty much visit all the worthwhile places (like the museums) in one day. The majority of the city is focused on tourism and it’s really like any other big city in the world.

What you can do is take the train and explore cities such as Leiden and Utrecht as Rabob mentioned. I really like the Northern parts of the Netherlands, places such as: Groningen / Leeuwarden (Capital of Culture in Europe of 2018). Prices on meals, services and products tend to be cheaper in the Northern parts as well.


That reminds me a lot of my experience I had in Sequoia National Park. We made a quick stop, got out of the car and suddenly spotted a bear mum with her two cubs calmly making their way through the forest just a few meters away from us. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were but got in the car soon afterwards and went away so we don’t disturb them.

We managed to take some photos though


Thankfully we don’t have bears that big :sweat_smile:


I m a little late to the conv. And an intersting topic, i really wanna wish you that you ll have a GREAT GREAT TIME there.

To all Euro Chronies, isnt metro cheaper?
And this one is for Coraline, you re using buses to get to see tge city while moving right?

TAKE THEM ALL. THE MORE COMPANY, THE MORE YOU LL FEEL " Home " (and have guardians on your side while u sleep at night)