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I, for one, welcome our new pig overlords



I only got 2,000. I find Steams sales mostly suck because you HAVE TO REALLY WATCH THEM. Sometimes “their sale bundles” are NOT a sale. It’s cheaper to buy them separately. And vice versa. You have to do your due diligence when you buy from them. Or it’s just cheaper all around at other stores.


This is the lvl 5 badge which gave me 1500 xp total just in case anyone was wondering :wink: Almost had enough for lvl 6 but guess I will just get some piggy emotes


For anybody that wants to see what all the badges of the event look like and how much exp they give whatnot.


I’m wondering how many bought the golden profile. I’ve seen it and i think it looks cool but even if i had 4000 tokens and bought it, i would be the only one to ever notice it. Seems like it’s only for the elite and popular.

I’m still pondering how to spend my 2000 tokens…


I’ve kept a list of games that I’ve heard are good or recommend. Includes name, discount, discounted price, description, and my thought on markdown. All in a .txt file. Even include humble and GOG sales. Unfortunately, I lost part of it a few years back after my external hard drive broke (literally) and I really have only updated stuff that’s on my wishlist.


excuse me




lol well I never use emotes so they aren’t as appealing as more XP would be since XP is actually beneficial. The piggys do look fun though :slight_smile:


I spent way too much on steam sales until I discovered bundles :grimacing:

I’m kinda tempted to pick up Rimworld for the $5 discount.


Anyone pick up anything fun with the sale? I was lucky enough to get some stuff…


A was telling a friend of mine I wasn’t sure which smol indie game to pick for the little spare card cash I had, and she just straight up gifted them to me. I don’t deserve my friends. She got me:


Alone With You

The Mind’s Eclipse

Sorry, James

And another friend of mine was also kind enough to surprise me with The Witcher 3 Expansion Pass!!!

Now my life is gonna get sucked into Geralt’s bums again… sigh

I’m also going to buy myself episodes 3 & 4 of The Dream Machine after wanting them since 2013/14 and finally replaying 1 and 2 earlier today.

What about you guys? :pig:


Not sure if you will get the $5 discount for a game that costs $29.99, I bet it’s going to require you to spend another $.01 for it to trigger.


Firstly, I love you are getting into the spirit of things.

I got the 1st and third installment in Siralim (the monster game I keep gushing about).

But more importantly, someone got me ‘For the King’

Which I am super excited for.


I’m still debating what to get sadly. I got like 6 games installed from the last sale i haven’t touched yet.


Oooooh! Congratulations! You two playing it together, I assume? Hope you have heaps of fun. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while and it looks perfect if you have someone fun to play with.

Not familiar. Must have dodged you gushing all over the carpet. Is it this:

And of COURSE I’d get in the spirit of things. I heckin’ love me some piglets. :pig2:

Care to tell us which ones? I’m curious :blush:


It isn’t very common (although every time I mention it I end up praising it), but yes that is the series…


If you have 4k coins it’ll count I do believe.


I fail to see how or why that would matter.
You get 5 discount on your first purchase of 30 or more. Seems clear to me then that 29.99 wont do it, but since I’ve already used it up I can’t check to make sure.


Sorry that info is classified. Only Class 4 or higher can know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I haven’t used it yet myself, but I understood it as it’ll use your coins as a discount towards a $30 purchase. If Rimworld is $34.99, it should have no problem using the $5 discount using your coins + what it rewards you during checkout.


That is a separate offer. Steam is currently having a promotion where it gives you $5 off a 30 order. I would assume it is 30.00 or up.