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I, for one, welcome our new pig overlords



No I’m afraid not, the coins are not used like that at all. Only thing you can do with them is to buy badges and pigs. If you buy the 15k coin extra discount you can get another 5 off of another 30 purchase. Not even sure they’ll let you get 10 off a single 30 purchase with it. But who has 15k coins and willing to test?


Oh! I didn’t realize there were two promotions. I saw the one about coins with $30 purchases. My bad. :sweat_smile:


EXCUSE ME SIR but y’all seem to be shitting on my pigs and if you keep this up I’ll have to ask you and Mr. @Tencore over there to leave my piggy thread!


disclaimer: in case anyone thinks I’m serious and actually angry I’m not, I’m just unhealthy obsessed about pigs and this whole thread was just a ruse to get all Chronies to buy pig emojis and join my pig cult. Thank you for your time.




Please, I promise I didn’t mean to speak ill of the pigs in any way!


You are forgiven… this time.


thank you :yellow_heart:




omg wtf is that




@Fraggles whenever we meet you’re getting a hug you never asked for, man :joy:


Too bad we couldn’t change the likes to be pig coins for this thread.


Yeah… no. Not feeling the vibe.


You should move to Iowa.


my dear god did this thread go full porcine :no_mouth:


Does the badge for the coins give your profile EXP? As in…will I lvl up? Or should I spend my 8k coins on the cute emotes instead?


Emotes cost 1200 total for all of them.

The badge coin requirements increase with each level though…

Level 1 was 2000, level 2 was 2200 on top of that, but the exp is good, if you have the coins for them.

If you can level up the badge 4 times, that will be 1100 more exp for your profile (and definitely help you level up), I would definitely say go for it, but get some piggies with the left overs! (Too bad they are not marketable or tradable, only one buy of each piggie per person. I am glad I got all of the piggies. :slight_smile:

Badge Level Profile XP
1 200
2 400
3 750
4 1100
5 1500
6 1950
7 2450
8 3000
9 3600
10 4500

By the way, you may wish to consider appearances of the individual badges, each level looks different. I am happy settling on level 2:


6 is the cutest with its lil smile c:


Too bad they don’t have PIG badge. :pig:

And how did you make that helpful Badge Level / Profile XP table? :thinking:


Thanks YQMaoski for the handy information! I prefer the level up over the items/emotes for sure. :blush:




I liked your post just so I could UNlike it


This is a screenshot, so you can see:


You are very welcome! Just make sure you buy at least one Piggy emote, @coralinecastell made it clear to all of Steam in public that she would no longer be friends with anyone who doesn’t get at least one!


Well I managed to level up quite a bit and get all the piggy emotes. I also had to get Total War: Warhammer II because my friends are playing it and it look absolutely insane. I can’t wait to get into it, the lore sounds extremely well written. Hopefully it is as incredible as Total War: Attila! :blush: :+1:


Let me know how you like it. The total war series has never really done anything for me, but I am often tempted.