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I, for one, welcome our new pig overlords



I‘m a golden horse, yet I‘m broke so I’m probably not buying anything as it‘s tradition anyway. :horse:


Hey I’d be happy to help with suggestions, although our gaming taste may be very different. Could you link me to your wishlist so I get an idea of what you’re looking for? :blush:


It’s the same as my username here, but a link is on my profile. :slight_smile: As for tastes, I’m very open to all sorts of things (you’ll see by my library and wishlist I think lol) so long as the game is good, so whatever you’ve got to suggest I’ll look into it (gameplay videos, streams, reviews etc etc).


Our taste in games is very different, but here are some games I really enjoy that are at good price points. Judging by what you own and play, I think you might enjoy them (apologies in advance if you already own some of them and I didn’t notice):

Ryse: Son of Rome
Why? Because it has a great story, interesting characters, awesome art design and a believable plot and progression. Online with friends is ton of fun and challenging.

West of Loathing
Why? One of the funniest things I’ve ever played! It makes me sad so few people have tried it out. If you’re into unexpectedness, wild turns and humor, give this one a shot! It’s a league of it’s own.

Why? Short but engaging, Minit’s gameplay is very unique a well-planned. It’s full of nooks and crannies, though achievements and one remarkably adorable main character.

The Long Dark
Why? I’m not a big fan of survival personally, but as far as survival goes this is one of the best games available right now. So if you’re into that, it may be worth it for you.

Hollow Knight
Why? C’mon just ask the first Chrono passerby and they’ll tell you it rocks. I hate every single one of it’s individual elements and yet I love the game. It’s that good.

Tooth and Tail
Why? I can tell you like strategy. Have you heard of this one? It’s super great! The campaign is awesome, the characters are charming and the world has depth.

The Curious Expedition
Why? Fantastic exploration game and very well written! Highly recommended if you enjoy this kind of game – which it seems like you do.

Stories Untold
Why? You seem to like horror and this game some really interesting storytelling. If you also like cracking your head, you might like it!

Why? It’s so very good and I’m too scared to finish it because I’m an idiot. But really, it’s fantastic. Very atmospheric.


I hope some of these catch your eye and that you have a wonderful time with this upcoming year! :pig:


Looked through your WL and things that @coralinecastell suggested, One other that I would add to the list would be Enter the Gungeon, because it’s just such a wonderful roguelite bullethell (twin-stick shooter) game. The controls are super nice with both keyboard and controller, and there are so many weapons/items/synergies and allusions to other games (often very obvious) that it’s a gamer’s game. It’s super difficult, fun, but if you get into it, it would potentially keep you occupied for hundreds of hours.

Also the most discounted game by your WL is Rogue Legacy, it’s one of those maybe yes, maybe no games for a lot of people. I think people either love it or hate it. I find it super amusing and it’s a blast, but there are people who can’t get into it and find it annoying. I would say yes, also because it’s so cheap. :slight_smile:


Honestly I’m into everything. I do have my preference (classic turn based RPGs but those are rare so it is practically non-existent) but I have found enjoyment in so many genres I love looking everywhere now because I almost always find new gems. Really the only thing I almost always dislike is BR and CoD like games (modern CoD and BF).

As for your suggestions…yes, quite a few of them has definitely caught my eye!

Tooth and Tail looks absolutely adorable! I love the FF Tactics like feel it has! The Curious Expedition looks right up my alley too! The art style, the map progression system, the humor, roguelike and workshop availability! It says procedurally generated worlds…unlimited exploration? I think this one is probably going stick with me the most. lol

A question for the Rome game. You said it goes online…what’s the online like? Also, The Long Dark looks like it tells an incredible narrative, but how long is it, if you know? I know that might seem like a silly question to ask, but xD

I have SOMA on GOG and I’ve played their other game (my first gaming experience, via Linux). I will now play it, never took the chance to look at it. It looks absolutely incredible! If Amnesia scared me… :scream:


Yea…really like Curious Expedition and Tooth and Tail. Will probably come down between those two! :rofl:


Wowzers! I’m so happy you liked my suggestions. Wasn’t really sure you’d like anything at all :joy:

I totally feel you! Even genres I don’t usually like (ex Metroidvanias) seem to have games I like (Hollow Knight). So in the end I think you have the best mindset by being open to new gaming experiences like that!

Absolutely! So many different characters, items and paths it doesn’t get old at all. The only reason I don’t have more hours on it it’s because I have too many games. But I feel you can get LOADS of content with that one.

So basically it’s an arena. Like those old Roman fighting pits but way more pumped up and with impossible elements (moving floors, buildings, fire pits) and way less lions (hooray for no animal abuse!). So you and your friend walk in like baddass gladiators and fight hoards of enemies off for as long as you can! It gets harder with each wave, and you need to pull off combos together in order to survive for longer.

I played it with 3 different friends since I bought the game and had heaps of fun with all three!

There’s MANY modes – holy @M00 so many modes I can’t even – one is story mode. It got completely reworked in the last patch. Thankfully so because last time I tried it it was awful, so I have no idea how good/long it is right now. The survival modes are all really versatile and challenging, though, and you can mod the game or mess with the settings until you’re happy with it.

Hope I answer everything with a bit of insight haha :hugs:


OFCOURSE I BOUGHT ALL 12 !!! :crazy_face:


I haven’t spent my 2000 tokens yet but i’m starting to consider getting those chat emoticons too. The profile badge just looks like a rough sketch so i’m not too keen on getting it.


dude with this offers steam make me poor


They should have hired @Inferry!


I will update this post once I get back home tonight with my tokens!

4,000 coins!!


lvl 2 looks pretty cool tho :smiley:
and seems to give 200xp, per level :blush:


now I have to buy some games and level up my badge… I like that a lot better than the level 1 badge…

I only have 800 tokens left after buying the level 1 badge and all of the piggy emotes. :slight_smile:


We’re on the absolute same page… except I have no money for games lmao

So please get that badge in the name of both of us :hugs:

(Also thanks for welcoming our new pig overlords)


I can’t afford level 2.


Grabbed the badge (lvl 2) as well and three pigs just for @coralinecastell


Just made my qualifying purchase and upgraded my badge. :smile:

Now I can rest knowing that my badge looks a lot better at level 2. :sunny:


I only got 1000 coins which means the badge is beyond me…this coin allocation seems like pot-luck to me…


they are based on your previous purchase, like i got 5000 coin because i wasted way to much money on my steam account, and you can get more point by buying games… i dont like the turn that valve is taking before i could have bought my badge max level for 5$ by buying the cards, but with the new system 5$ worth of points isnt enough to buy a level… that sucks