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I, for one, welcome our new pig overlords



I also got 4k. It seems to depend on expenditures on Steam in the past, according to the site.


@M00 will have a field day with the grammar on Steam…


I got 4.5k


That’s 5 more piggy emotes! :wink:


I’m not going to lie i kinda like the mad pig emote.


By the way, the Steam store discount for the Witcher came in only a few weeks after the historical low for GOG…

I might get it this time… (the GOTY edition is 14.99 USD)


Also looks like you can get another 121 tokens per 1€ spent. It takes 15k tokens to get 5€ off, so you have to spend 123.96€ to get there, meaning everything’s .4% off!

Goodness how generous.

Only 112.78€ if you give it all away for a whole 0.44% off, so give freely and generously now.

Hey @Vindace Ringed city is half off. Not the lowest it’s ever been but the most common discount it sees.


that’s just beyond hopeless at this point

like w(ho)tf are they kidding

i got 5k so yr the real pleb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The only game I wanted this sale was Resident Evil 1 Remastered, but it’s not on sale.


There goes that Lirik sub i was thinking about getting you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will the sales change every day? If not, the sales so far seem very…disappointing. I’d probably pick up HoI IV to play with my friends or Fell Seal but it is extremely disappointing there seems to be so little on sale right now.


Unlikely, these smaller sales usually only offer a handful of mostly themed titles. So what’s on offer is probably what will be.


Sometimes they have one day sales or even 12 hour flash sales during the middle of sales, that are special discounts, just to get you to come back looking more often. Though whether they will do that during this sale is unclear. My guess is that we better be prepared to look at what is there now and think that’s going to be it.


I read that too but after my first purchase, which was about 35€ I got twice as many tokens for some reason. 8k instead of 4k. Did anybody have a similar experience or was I just lucky?


u sure u didn’t already have 4k in that envelope by default?


yes, I’m sure. I got 4k in the envelope, so now I have about 12k in total. The email for the purchase information also states that my purchase was worth 8k
image image



jk it’s your money you do whatever with it but genuine question: watcha got? :pig2:


I got “image” too and quickly bought ALL the piggy emoticons. FML, I could not help myself, my resistance was futile. BUT…

… is like, totes adorbes!

Oh BTW, meh astrological signage; West/East (-branch) elements | Chinese Zodiac | Western Zodiac

:dash: :earth_americas: | :dragon: | :libra:

For “shits-and-giggles”…



follow @GeekInUndies’s example, everyone.

Also get ready to see me flood the chat/activity feed with cute piggies. :pig_nose:



Pig in a Blanket, nope, nope, nope. I humbly present you… PIG ON A BLANKET


I also got 4k coins in the envelope. Is that not normal?


Anyone have any recommendations for $5 and $10 games? Anything at all, just looking at something to potentially branch out to when not playing with my friends.